America Saves Week

February 19-26 is America Saves Week! This week is an annual opportunity to promote good financial savings and behavior!  In honor of the week, you can take a few easy, and relatively painless, steps to save money on your food dollars at home. The money you save could be put into savings!

  1. Prevent food waste – Cut down on the amount of food you throw away! Instead, freeze your leftovers or use them in recipes for soups or casseroles. Also, remember to take your leftovers with you for lunch at the office.  The cost of eating out every day can add up quickly!
  2. Plan ahead – Plan meals for the week using the foods you have on hand and according to grocery store specials. When possible, cook large batches and divide into portions to freeze for another time.
  3. Eat healthy – Cut down on your expensive ready-to-eat sweet and salty snacks! Instead, enjoy fruit, veggies (cut your own) and low-fat yogurt for nutritious snacks. Avoid soda, expensive energy drinks and coffee from the coffee shop. Brew your own coffee at home and drink more water to save money at the vending machine!

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Have any other ideas or want to tell your savings story for America Saves Week? Post your stories below!

11 thoughts on “America Saves Week

  1. Planning your meals to coincide with the grocery store sale items is a good practice as well as freezing meats and seafood that were purchased for a good price so that you can have those items in the future for the sale price. As mentioned above, using leftovers in other meals is a good money saver. Additional to this is to use things that you would usually throw away (ham bone, shrimp shells, etc.) and boil these items to prepare a stock that can be frozen and used on another meal. Also, going to the grocery store on a regular basis and cooking to the amount of people you have can save a lot by reducing food waste, basically money spend on food that goes bad that could be used to save towards financial goals. I’ve done this in the past and have reduced food waste by cutting recipes resulting in less food cooked as well as taking “inventory” of food on hand that needs to be eaten.

  2. I have always stressed and accomplished the first step, prevent food waste. The third step is something I have been trying lately. It’s tough because everyone has their bad habits, but if you make yourself adapt little by little it can happen. The second step is the toughest for me, I often have trouble thinking of what I will eat and make a last minute decision. I think these steps could be implemented for permanent use, not just a week.

  3. Planning for meals ahead of time can really help me save money on junk food and also gives me the benefit of eating healthy.

  4. These are great tips. When I started planning to eat leftovers and freeze meals, I cut my grocery bill almost in half and wasted almost no food.

  5. I hope everyone gets to see this blog because so many people think that eating healthy is expensive, and it only is if you shop incorrectly. If you buy fruit that you cut yourself, that is a much cheaper and healthier snack than a bag of chips or cookies. You should also cook double for dinner. This means half of what you cook will be for your dinner, and the other half you take with you for lunch the next day. Having a lunch prepared will prevent the tempting McDonalds down the street. This is a great habit for your wallet and your waist!

  6. These tips are very helpful for anyone looking to save extra money. People dont normally realize that when they are throwing left over food away they are throwing money away. Also by planning means ahead you can know exactly what money you need to spend on food that week and let that be all. Also its great to stop spending the extra money on the unhealthy snacks when fruits and veggies are cheaper and better for you.

  7. Preventing food waste would have to be my biggest obstacle. I’m always cooking meals and barely eating them because my appetite suddenly changes when it’s done. I like the freezing idea. I can definitely see myself doing this in the near future. Eating healthy would be my favorite thing to do. I’ve been doing this for a month or two and ultimately, it makes me feel better about myself. My self-esteem increases tremendously.

  8. I believe that planning ahead is a great tip when it comes to saving for food. If you plan ahead you will plan for healthier meals that you can cook in bulk. You will be less likely to break these plans if they are made approprately. If a plan is not made then you will most likely venture away from good habbits and tend to make poor food decisions.

  9. These are great tips. My sisters and I are also giving up fast food (or at least trying to) like brittany said, it is tough, but when you do it you feel so much healthier and it saves SO much money. Like instead of going to subway for a sandwich we just stay home and make our own sandwich which is probably 5 times cheaper. We also always have fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on.

  10. I am not a practicing catholic but was raised catholic so for lent I figure it is my one time a year to practice self discipline and make my one sacrifice to keep myself from taking life for granted so for this lent I gave up going out to eat. Everything must be bought from a grocery store. This has proven to be a big sacrifice because we take for granted how easy it is to go stop and pick something up real fast then actually making sure everything is bought at the grocery and prepared and money is not wasted on going out to eat.

  11. In my opinion, this week presents all of us with an opportunity to change our habits for more than just a week- perhaps we can change them for the better on a regular basis. These kinds of changes can be tough at first, but once you get in the routine of doing it, it becomes much easier to save your money and be thrifty. Hopefully, this week is the beginning of many good things to come in our financial futures.

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