4 Bad Money Habits to Kick for 40 Days

Take this season to put a financial spin on your daily routines.  Let us help you kick four bad money habits to help you save money this spring!

  1. Items that can damage your wallet and waist – Get rid of the alcohol, cigarettes, and fast food!
  2. Bad credit card behavior – Skip using the card for unnecessary purchases and pay off the balance each month.
  3. Ignoring your savings – Make a motion to contribute a small amount to your savings and look into your company benefits this month.
  4. Bad bank behavior – Pay attention to your banking habits over the next 40 days. For instance, you could save money in fees if you stopped using ATMs owned by other banks.

For more information on bad money habits, view the entire article from Bankrate here. Do you have any other ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below.

35 thoughts on “4 Bad Money Habits to Kick for 40 Days

  1. I can certainly agree that these 4 steps would financially help someone out. For number 1, fast food is definitely a lot more expensive than just eating in or cooking. Cooking can prove to be cheaper than eating out. I think that 2 and 3 can work hand in hand, because some of the money that you are saving by not using a credit card can be used to add to your savings. Lastly, number 4 can raise self-awareness on what you are doing in relation to your bank.

  2. Although I do not purchase any fast food, cigarettes, or alcohol, I see the merit of this statement in relation to other pleasure providing luxuries. Each month I end up spending at least one and a half weeks living on roughly $10, having spent the other $180 on food, outings, and general recreation I could live without.

    With no income, and no excess money each month, I have neglected to save for a few months . Cutting back on superfluous spending will allow for re-allocation of my finances into something more sustainable, such as my savings account that earns interest. Also quite a bit of money, roughly $20 a month, is being spent on transaction fees at ATMs because there is no ATM for my bank in Baton Rouge. Even something as small as twenty dollars can go a long way to help pay bills and eat.

  3. I think that by really trying to kick these 4 bad money habits, a lot of good financial change can occur. By being conscious of what you’re spending money on and when you use your credit card can cut costs greatly. If you keep up with your spending and banking habits, it can end up saving a lot of money.

  4. Reading the above comments makes me wonder…

    I chose this article to read and comment because it mentioned the words “season” and “40 days”. Many people don’t want to recognize that over 1.3 Billion people in the world call this season, LENT. It is the Christian season of penance and self-improvement in preparing ourselves for Easter. Though I doubt the author wants to admit it, he references the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert, praying and fasting, before beginning his public mission. 40 days we can spend in self-renewal.

    The article mentions some good points, ridding ourselves of vices such as junk food, cigarettes and (I’m sure the author would agree) excessive alcohol consumption. This will certainly help us keep hold of more of our hard earned dollars, and bring us closer to God. He also mentions good spending habits and weaning ourselves off the teat of the credit card. He mentions contributing to savings ( very important) and monitoring our banking habits.

    Breaking free of these financial “sins” will do us all some good this “season” of Lent.

    What I think the author fails to mention is the unpopular idea of increasing our charitable contributions. Maybe we should consider spending 5 dollars to feed a needy family for a night instead of feeding our addiction to cigarettes or booze.

    Yours truly,

    -Roman Catholic

  5. When it comes to saving money, these tips can go a long way. Just starting out with 40 days of sacrificing something such as alcohol or cigarettes can lead to an extensive period of saving money that can help you get out of debt quickly.

  6. These are really great tips! They are not always things you think would help, especially the fast food one. I personally eat out a lot because it is simply easier, but lately I have been making my food and it has saved me so much money! Not buying coffee everyday can help too. Even if you only buy regular blends instead of specialty drinks, the dollars add up fast!

  7. These 4 tips are really something I haven’t thought about. Saving money by not using other bank’s ATM’s is an excellent way for me personally to save.

  8. These four tips are a pretty good way to save some cash. Alcohol and fast food take a lot of money from me and I can see how even just cutting back will help me save. The use of other banks ATMs also take money from me. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it eventually builds up to a lot. I think if you use these four tips you’ll end up better off than you think.

  9. We are all about saving money, so instead of kicking these bad spending habits for 40 days, let’s kick them out for good. Alcohol and cigarettes are a damage to your wallet and health; however, fast food may be convenient at times therefore, try to pack a lunch as often as possible. Simply using credit cards on a need basis only will help to prevent unnecessary debt. Stop ignoring your savings account and begin paying your savings as if it were a monthly living expense. Finally, make use of your financial registrar to keep track of spending.

  10. I think it is interesting how this article focuses on changing something in forty to parallel to the Lenten season. If we rid ourselves of bad habits and make personal goals, like in the Lenten season, then we can become more efficient with our money.

  11. I agree with these 4 tips and need to work on numbers 1 & 3 in particular. I specifically need to start saving more to reach my personal and financial goals and it would be to my benefit to spend less time going out to restaurants and bars.

  12. I agree with these 4 tips and need to work on 1 and 3 in particular. To reach my personal and financial goals I need to learn to save more money and spend less time going out spending money whether it be in a bar or a restaurant.

  13. I agree with these tips. The fast food expenses can add up quicker than anything, and cutting it out can save hundreds of dollars a month.

  14. These tips are really helpful to not only stop wasting money but to also start saving a little extra money. We don’t realize that all of these little purchases add up until we take a good look at it. Once we do and eliminate these unnecessary expenses, we all will have a lot more money in our pockets to use on something we need and not just on things we want.

  15. These are four things you really should avoid. By following these tips you can instantly save and grow money, causing your financial situation improve.

  16. I totally agree with these tactics to handle your money correctly. Cooking instead of eating out, and quitting smoking can be some serious money savers. And we all know that credit cards can be a dangerous beast. But if you try only using your credit card on things like groceries and gas, it could prevent you falling into debt. And if you take, for example, 25% of every paycheck and put it in your savings you would save a lot of money up for things such as unexpected emergencies. But you have to do it religiously; pretend it is a non-negotiable expense, like a bill.

  17. These four tips are very helpful and true. It is easy to lsoe track of your credit cardvspending but it is important that you do so. Little things like eating out start to add up and end up costing alot of money. Avoiding credit card use whenever you can it is also important and a great tip.

  18. All four of these tips can really help a person on a budget. I agree that cutting back the spending on alcohol, cigarettes, and fast food can save people a lot of money. Most people do not notice how much money they can blow on buying fast food every day. Also, without using your credit card to buy useless purchases, it can save you money. People think they can just put something on the card, but if it is not an important item, it is useless to purchase. Cutting back on spending with credit cards can save money. It is also very important to put money regularly into a savings account. Every so often, I put money into my savings account to be sure that I will have money in case of emergency. I also believe that going to your own bank’s ATM can save money because other banks will charge you for using their ATM’s. The charge is usually only about 2-3 dollars, but the more you use a different bank’s ATM, the more money you are losing for no reason.

  19. These are really great ways to start saving and to begin doing well financially. This four tips can apply to everyone since all of these are important, especially number 1 which the costs can add up over time.

  20. I am glad to say I have been doing these easy tips since day one. I guess the entire me not drinking saves me more money than I think. I always try to tell people not to use those random ATM’s because they charge you that random 2-3 bucks for no reason.

  21. I think these tips should be used year round, not just for 40 days! If someone really needs to save money, alcohol, cigarettes, and fast food should definitely be the first to go. I agree that buying little things with your credit card only adds to your debt, and you should save a small portion of your paycheck every month. Also, using your own bank’s ATMs is an easy way to save money.

  22. These four items may be the hardest things to get rid out of your daily expense but could possibly make the largest impact. If college students saved only half of the money that they (the average student) they would have quite a down payment on a car or house at the end of their studies. If you take smoking, 1 pack per day, at a cost of $5.50 adds up to $1,953 per year. What could be done with $2,000 per year other than smoking?

  23. Just these 4 steps could be difficult to adapt too but it could save you a lot of money. For example, if you are stopping by the convenient store three times a week spending about $5 just on drinks and snacks that is $60 a month you are spending when you could use that money towards groceries well you will get a lot more for your money. Try to only use your credit card if it is an emergency, not on a luxury item that you don’t need to get through your everyday life. Something I set up with my checking account is every month on a certain day my bank will automatically transfer a certain amount of money into my savings account which helps me not spend excess money and it builds up my savings account.

  24. As a college student, number 1 is where I find a majority of my money going. It is okay to spend money on these occasionally, but keep track because you can easily spend over $100 a week on food and alcohol. I know this from experience! The following week you are going to wonder where your money went.
    Also, number 3 is crucial in building up savings. I used to occasionally pull money out of savings to help get me by for the week, because of all the money I spent on fast food and alcohol, and then it hit me when I almost used up all the money. Money will disappear quickly so be smart in your spending.

  25. I think those tips are very useful, because I have suffered from some of those bad habits. Fast food is a big pain in my wallet, you can easily spend $50 a week on fast food. Saving can be very hard to do because of the constant need to shop or spend money on foolish things, and you forget the importance of savings. And you must always pay attention to your bank account and statement to ensure that your bank statements are correct. They are small tips that can help your finances.

  26. These 4 tips are really great. Sometimes I don’t see it as well but all those things add up so fast. I would tell everyone to start following those rules or tips because they can get you into a better financial situation. I started working on those a couple of month ago and I am doing a lot better financially. These tips are really helpful, no matter how old you are.

  27. These are very useful tips to have a better control of personal finance. Although it may be hard to “get rid” of the alcohol, cigarettes, and fast food, these certainly are daily or weekly cost that add up quietly.

  28. These four tips are excellent ways to stay financially secure. Many people get themselves into financial trouble because they cannot control their spending in these areas. If you can control your spending in all areas then balancing and keeping track of your spending should not be difficult or stressfull.

  29. These tips are really good. You may not realize it but the habits in number one really add up, and fast. I suggest everyone follow these tips or at least try by gradually giving up certain things and you should be okay financially (and healthy without the alcohol, cigarettes and fast food!).

  30. Reblogged this on On Deaf Ears and commented:
    These are 4 basic, regular activities to handle. These minor adjustments can play a major role in one’s overall financial plan. Many people don’t recognize the ability of items mentioned in tip 1 to add up so quickly, and reviewing your bank statement regularly will help one to see just how much of their funds are allocated to small, unnecessary items.

  31. These are 4 basic, regular activities to handle. These minor adjustments can play a major role in one’s overall financial plan. Many people don’t recognize the ability of items mentioned in tip 1 to add up so quickly, and reviewing your bank statement regularly will help one to see just how much of their funds are allocated to small, unnecessary items.

  32. This is a great plan. I’ve actually just started to implement these over the past few months. It’s kinda hard to just drop these sorts of things for 40 days, so I’ve been doing more of a gradual system. I started out by smoking less which allowed me to save more. After every paycheck I make sure to put money into savings and leave myself just enough to get by. If I notice that I’m running low, or spent more than expected, I cut out unneeded expenses. Stop eating out, smoke less, and refuse to take out from savings unless absolutely necessary.

  33. I think these are some really good tips. I do not do any of those 4 things so I am sitting well financially.

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