How Much Are You Paying Per Gallon?

Do you think $40 per gallon is expensive? That number is outrageous for gasoline, but if you drink your coffee from a coffee shop, you may be in the group that pays $40 a gallon. Think about it – if you pay about $2.50 for an 8oz. cup of coffee, after 16 cups you have reached a total of $40. If you drink two cups of coffee a day, you’ll reach a gallon of coffee after only eight days! These coffee prices may be making a dent into your wallet!

From a recent survey by Accounting Principles, we have found particularly interesting information about Americans’ coffee habits. Below we have listed a few:

  • Americans consume an average of 3.1 (9 oz.) cups of coffee per day.
  • More than half of American workers buy coffee regularly at work, spending an average of $1,000 per year.
  • Coffee prices have gone up 410% since 2002 with growth also in their stocks despite the economic slowdown.
  • Younger professionals, ages 18-34, spend almost double on coffee during the week than those over the age of 45.

Some of these numbers are quite shocking! What can you do to beat these prices? Brew your own coffee at home. We understand a trip to the coffee shop may be fun from time to time, but try to reduce your spending and drink your own coffee during the week and store-bought only on the weekends! You’ll save about $4 a day and $20 a week!

For the entire list of results from the Accounting Principles survey, click here. Do you have any other tips on how to save on coffee? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below.

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