25 Universities with Terrible Graduation Rates

If you’re a high school senior with graduation just around the corner, make sure you researched your college to know what you’re getting into. CBS Money Watch released an article last year with 25 state universities with the worst graduation rates. The noteworthy concern is that students start in school-take on student loans-and then do not earn a degree which would help their earning potential. … Continue reading 25 Universities with Terrible Graduation Rates

College Graduates – Pay Attention!

The class of 2012 will graduate with more than two-thirds of students in debt of an average of $25,000 in student loans! According to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, this student loan debt is in addition to the average of $4,000 in credit card debt. Whether you have a job lined up or not, it is your job to: Establish a plan … Continue reading College Graduates – Pay Attention!

Americans Cutting Back on Medicines & Doctor Visits

A recent report issued by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics found that Americans have been cutting back on their doctor visits and use of medicines. Experts feel that this is a sign people are still struggling to pay for personal healthcare. Certainly the need for visits to the doctor and prescription drugs has not decreased.  In fact, the drug industry introduced many new medicines … Continue reading Americans Cutting Back on Medicines & Doctor Visits

Quick Tax Filing Tips

Are you still working on your tax return? With the deadline very close at hand don’t fret, but take these tips that the IRS offers into consideration while finishing your tax returns. Consider filing electronically. If you file electronically and choose to have your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account, you will have your money in as little as 10 days. If you … Continue reading Quick Tax Filing Tips

Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that April is also Financial Literacy month? It’s kind of ironic that financial literacy falls into the same month as National Stress Awareness Month. While trying to lower your stress this month, educate yourself on your finances. Your stress may easily be reduced by increasing your knowledge of money! If you are looking for a good resource, sign up for Goodmoneyhabits.com. This … Continue reading Financial Literacy Month

April – National Stress Awareness Month

This week starts the month of April, also known as National Stress Awareness month! Did you know that the number one cause of stress is financial trouble? No matter your age or occupation, you have probably felt the heat from financial stress at some point. Here are a few tips to use this month to help cope with financial anxiety: Keep a positive attitude. Save … Continue reading April – National Stress Awareness Month