Advice for Recent Graduates – Part One

College has come to an end, but your career is just beginning!  When you have landed your first post-college, full-time job, you will most likely have access to an employee benefits plan.   This benefits plan can represent a tremendous value to you, yet many recent graduates do not take full advantage of some of these benefits.  Maximizing these benefits can be critical in managing your financial future.

Over the next several weeks, we will review benefit considerations when getting started with your new job.

This week, we’d like to highlight health insurance. Many companies offer employee health insurance as part of their benefits package.  This benefit is critical to you – and you should enroll as soon as you are eligible!  If your company does NOT offer health insurance, check with your parents to learn whether you are still covered under their policy or shop for an individual plan ASAP.

Many young adults don’t see the value of health insurance before they are hit with a crisis. The main benefit of health insurance is to protect you financially in case of an emergency or health crisis.  Many of us feel we are indestructible. The problem comes in the unexpected…What if you are in a car accident and hospitalized?  Or what if you catch a mean case of pneumonia that requires an extended treatment plan and many visits to the doctor?  Health insurance can help you by offering discounted services through negotiated contracts with service providers – but the bigger benefit is your financial outlay will be limited.

Questions? Comment below. We’d love to help!

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