Save on Traveling: What to Pack to Avoid Airline Fees

Nowadays, traveling is getting more and more expensive – especially when you’re flying. More than ticket booking, airline fees have become the main frustration for passengers. As airlines seem to invent more impossible hidden fees every year, you can still save on your travels by knowing the specific fees by airlines, comparing rates and packing smart. Here are a few great sites to help:

Kayak’s comprehensive list of airline charges

NerdWallet’s comparing application

When it comes to packing, pack light is the mantra. But did you know bringing specific items can help you save some more? For your carry-on, here are a few essentials:

Book or magazine – Save yourself the Wi-Fi charge by bringing your own means of entertainment. For many airlines, reading material can be boarded without adding on to the size or weight of carry-on luggage or personal item (although it’s always better to be on the safe side with smaller and lighter reads). These two classics will also save you the trouble of turning electronics on and off throughout the flight.

Your own food – Although some airlines provide free snacks, especially during longer flights, packing a few snacks saves you some cash just in case, and ensures that you actually enjoy your meal. This also helps cut cost at the airports. The safest items to bring are dry and compact – protein bars, cookie snacks… Keep in mind certain foods in liquid or even creamy forms are generally not allowed as carry-on.

Extra layers and a sweater – You will need these to keep comfortable and warm as the temperature drops with higher altitude. Moreover, you need these to save the extra fee for pillows and blankets, as airlines have started to charge for this. To keep your carry-on light, layering with undershirts and a thin sweater is better than bringing a bulky sweatshirt or blanket.

What more would you add to the list?

2 thoughts on “Save on Traveling: What to Pack to Avoid Airline Fees

  1. These tips are great, but remember to buy these items before you get to the airport! They can be very expensive if you wait to buy them. I think the most important tip is to pack light. You can save a lot on baggage fees if you only bring a carry on. If at all possible, condense your items into one small bag. People tend to overpack anyways, and you don’t want to focus of your trip to be stress of carrying around luggage or paying expensive baggage fees. Pack light!

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