Sales tax holidays this weekend! What to buy?

All shoppers and savers: Watch out for your state’s sales tax holiday this weekend!

This year, many states have their sales tax holidays in August, particularly this Friday-Sunday:

  • Alabama – August 3-5
  • Arkansas – August 4-5
  • Connecticut – August 19-25
  • Florida – August 3-5
  • Georgia – August 10-11
  • Iowa – August 3-4
  • Louisiana – August 3-4
  • Maryland – August 12-18
  • Missouri – August 3-5
  • New Mexico – August 3-5
  • North Carolina – August 3-5
  • Oklahoma – August 3-5
  • South Carolina – August 3-5
  • Tennessee – August 3-5
  • Texas – August 17-19
  • Virginia – August 3-5

(Other states’ sales tax holiday dates can be found here)

With the exemption of state sales tax, sales tax holidays are great opportunities to stock non-perishable items your family will frequently use, or to make those big purchases that you have planned for. Household items, digital products and new furniture are some examples of purchases where you can save big during the tax holiday. Note that the exemption generally doesn’t apply to cars, meals or taxable services, however. Other conditions can be found on the website of your state’s Revenue Department.

Tax holiday in August means great back-to-school savings!

What’s more for residents in states listed above, an August tax holiday means great savings for back-to-school buys! Beyond stocking pencils and notebooks, consider making use of the sales tax exemption for other school essentials like:

  • Shoes – especially for kids. Since they can be grown out of so quickly, the more savings on shoes the better!
  • Uniforms
  • Supplies for extracurricular activities – for sports, art classes, choir…, miscellaneous supplies stack up, which means your savings on these items will stack up without the state sales tax!

What else do you buy to maximize savings on sales tax holidays?

2 thoughts on “Sales tax holidays this weekend! What to buy?

  1. State “tax holidays” are a great way to save money on upcoming purchases. Not only can one save money on the taxes, most retailers have sales that weekend as a way to promote traffic to their stores.

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