Manage money on-the-go with your smartphone

There are a bunch of apps for that! Here are a couple of top-rated aps for managing your money, paying your bills, and saving for your goals – oh, and they’re FREE:

Bills, budget and other basics


Mint – This is currently the highest-ranked personal financial management smartphone app. Grouping all aspects of your financial life in one place, the app lets you track your spending, budget, upcoming bills, debt management and even investment with accompanied graphics. Security-wise, you need to log in to use the app every time, and your information is immediately deleted once you exit. Available to iPhone, iPad and Android.

Pageonce(basic version) – an alternative to Mint with similar features, this app further lets you track phone minutes and frequent flyer miles. Available to iPhone, iPad and Android.

Managing your saving goals


SmartyPig – Link the app to your bank account, and have money transfer automatically every month to different virtual “piggy banks” you have set up. When a piggy fund is filled up for a certain goal, you can transfer the amount back to your bank account or redeem for a gift card with retailers like Amazon. Available to iPhone, iPad and Android.

What’s the down side to these aps?  Depending on your perspective, maybe nothing.

Some may say that they don’t like having to link their bank accounts, feeling that it makes them vulnerable.  If you are comfortable with online banking and aps, still use general precautions when accessing the program.  It is generally recommended that you log in when you are on a secure Wi-fi network and that you protect your password, etc.

Have you used any of the above, or other financial management apps? Do you think they are useful?

33 thoughts on “Manage money on-the-go with your smartphone

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  2. The financial application I use (iPhone 5) is Mint, which coincidentally is the example used for this blog piece. I believe this tool is one of the most efficient and helpful on the market. It enables me to set a budget for various categories of my life such as for groceries, food, and outings. On multiple occasions, Mint has helped me make smart fiscal decisions by letting me know the exact amount of money I have available, how far over/under budget I am, and how much I am spending in each field. Also, Mint can be synced with your checking/savings account, which allows the user (me) to know at any time how much money I have in the bank, when electronic deposits/withdrawals have been made and reported by my bank, and potential overdraft fees that have been credited to said accounts.

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  4. I keep track of my finances on my computer. I love it but my only problem with it is that I can’t keep track of my spending on the go. The account totals don’t automatically update. I like to use Ace Money. They have a mobile app called Ace Money Receipts that I also like to use. It lets me take a picture of my receipt and input how much I spent, which account it should come out with, and what category it came from. I like it, I just wish I didn’t have to sync the receipts from my phone to the computer.

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  7. I am so happy I found out about these apps! I would like to think that I stay on top on my finances, but sometimes I need a little help with keeping my spending in check. I also love the idea of saving, but savings accounts have minimum balance requirements and charge fees if your account balance is below a certain amount.
    I would love to be able to see how my money is spent and having all my financial apps in one place. That would help me keep track of bills and payments much better than I have been in the last couple of months.
    I am the most excited about the SmartyPig app! It is more suited for my financial situation where large contributions to savings is just not a possibility most of the time. I was actually eyeing a real piggy bank while at a store a few days ago. I had to convince myself that, as a 22-year-old, I probably shouldn’t buy a piggy bank. However, this seems like a perfect and more effective way of saving up!
    For the past couple of semesters, as soon as I receive my financial aid, I go get money orders each for a month’s rent, and hoever many months I plan to live there. If the money is in my bank account, there’s a high-likelihood that I will overspend. Allocating money for each month in advance has helped, but it would be nice to be able to set aside money within your own bank account. I am very excited to try these apps out, and hopefully, they could help me to manage my money smarter.

  8. I keep track of my finances on my computer. I’m really particular about it, and my only complaint about it is I can’t track my spending on the go. Well, I can but the account totals don’t automatically update. I currently use Ace Money for the computer, and it’s a wonderful program! They also have a mobile app called Ace Money Receipts. It allows me to take a picture of my receipt (if I want), and input how much I spent, what category it goes to, and from which account it should come out with. I really like it, I just wish I didn’t have to sync the receipts from my phone to the computer manually.

    I’ve tried to use Mint, but I really didn’t like it as much as I love Ace Money. Even with the extra steps, I still think it’s a better program.

  9. Mint is a fantastic app and when used with the website it is extremely beneficial to anyone trying to have a better handle on the finances.

    1. I haven’t used any of these apps yet but I use the app from my bank to do some of the same things. All of my accounts are through Bank of America and it is so convenient to be able to transfer funds, check balances and even pay bills from my phone wherever I am. I will try Mint out though because it allows you to link accounts from different institutions.

  10. Mint is a great tool for keeping track of your finances in one place. With the explosion of smartphones, apps like this are going to become commmonplace. My favorite financial app is the Chase mobile app. This enables me to check my account balances and review my recent activity. This up-to-date data is so useful and also cuts down trips to the ATM. The one concern I have about these apps is that they involve sensitive information, so I hope that security concerns are pushed to the forefront.

  11. Mint is a great app to help with the ability to manage your money. It is helpful to see how you are doing when it comes to your budget and where your money is going. In the world we live in now no one really carries cash around it is all credit and debit cards. Mint allows you to see the transactions you are making and how much money you are spending and what your account balance looks like. Mint is also very helpful when it comes to knowing what bills are due and when. It gives me reminders when a payment is closing in and I can just do everything via my iPhone without even having to leave my apartment. I also love the fact that you have to log in each time because say you lose your iPhone or smartphone someone could have access to your money and that could lead to something bad. The security for that is great because it allows you to not have to worry about someone having access to your account. Mint is a great app that I truly enjoy and will continue to use.

  12. I have never used any of the apps listed, but after reviewing their descriptions I can see where they can come in handy. I currently use the regions app and it does me a great deal of good. This app cuts my time from physical visits to the bank and lets me access my account anytime and anywhere. Also it gives me charts of my spending habits and shows me what I spend my money on which is very helpful when having to plan a budget.

    1. I agree with your comment about the benefits of using the Regions bank app. The only thing I dislike is that these apps hold important information about your account number, passwords, etc. This information can be exposed if it ends up in the wrong hands.

  13. Personally, I use the Mint app. I think it is a great way to almost balance your checkbook on your phone. It helps me to keep track of how much I’m spending and what I’m specifically spending on. I believe that more people should start using Mint. As a college student, it helps me to ensure that I am not spending more than what I have budgeted for that particular category for the current month. It also helps me to really pay attention to how much money I am spending on sometimes unnecessary items. It’s good to take a step back and write things down so you can analyze where the money you make is being allocated to. Mint also offers charts and graphs that track your spending over time; showing you which months you spend the most and one what items. This is definitely my favorite feature of the app. Overall, Mint is something that i believe should be used by more people.

  14. I use the app Mint to budget my own money. Although I do not have bills to pay currently, so I do not use it to its full capacity, I still love everything about it. My favorite aspect of this smartphone app is that I can tell it how much I would like to spend each month on eating out and if I am getting close to that amount it will notify me. I use my Chase Bank mobile app to help manage my money as well. I am always checking my balance, depositing checks by snapping a picture of the front and the back, and making sure all charges that are accounted for are correct. Having smartphone apps to help manage your money are extremely helpful, but you loose the face to face contact with bank tellers.

  15. The app that most effectively manage my money hands down is the chase mobile app. I think the concept of app-based money management is a good idea but I don’t feel comfortable putting my finances in a application not directly backed by my bank. The concept of say an online piggy bank is an interesting idea but I feel money saving is better accomplished by a bank or other financial institution that will pay dividends on your money and be more accountable in say the instance that there is a period of substantial economic turmoil which at this point in time is incredibly likely.

  16. I use Mint. I think it is a great app. It helps me budget my finances, and track them without having to manually tac kle this all the time. I tend to forget my expenses or activities, but with the Mint app on my iPAD it is just a click away. It does worry me that the security may not be enforced as I’d like. Most mobiles such as phones and iPADs don’t have a firewall, which may leave the apps and the devices open to viruses, threats, cyber scams, and hackers. As awesome as this app is I do worry that I am a bit exposed. .

  17. Mint is an amazing idea. Due to my new credit card i really think it would be great to help me manage my money. I think that fully utilizing the use of the bill pay as well as tracking your spending on multiple cards. This is something I would highly recommend looking into.

  18. While these apps seem pretty great at managing your finances, it doesn’t seem secure enough — from their colorful logos and unfamiliarity. Having to link your bank accounts to get the most out of the app also seems a bit much and makes the user feel less secure with their money. In my opinion, I say stick with apps that are specifically from your bank (i.e. Capital One, Chase) to feel the most secure. They are also very easy to log in and it makes you log in every time you re-open the app or leave it open for a certain amount of time.

  19. I have used the Chase Mobile App and I find it very useful! It allows for you to check your spending on the go. You can look at your current balance, and it shows you when, where, and how much money you are spending! I never have to write anything down with the chase mobile app, except for outstanding checks. You can also transfer money from your accounts from your phone!

  20. I have never heard of these apps until this blog post. I have downloaded both of them. Mint is a great app! It is so convenient to be able to track your spending on your cell phone. Not everyone has the time to take out a notepad and write down their expenses. It’s a free app which makes it ten times better! I believe apps like these would appeal to the younger audience. I just think that apps like these need more publicity, because it is not something most people would search for in the App Store.

  21. With all of the technological advances and tools today, there is no reason managing your money should be hard. We are spoiled by all of the programs assisting in budget management. Mint can show you where all of your money is going so that you can adjust your spending to your desire. It is a whole lot more moving when you can see how much money you spend on small luxuries. With the app, SmartyPig, you can create goals and it will keep up with the money you save for those goals by tracking how much you have and have left until your goal is met.

  22. I completely agree that Mint is a great app. It has a seamless interface from the online website, to email notifications, to the handheld app. Most important for me is the bill reminder. I have notifications set for both phone and email reminders whenever credit cards and other bills are due. Mint is a life saver. I’ll also give a nod to the chase app for it’s simple quick pay feature. It simplifies paying at restaurants and transferring payments to other individuals at no cost; as long as they have a chase account.

  23. is a great app, especially for college students on a tight budget. I am a senior in college this year and use almost daily, whether it be on my phone or my computer. I have set my account up into categories such as housing, the grocery, cosmetics, clothing, fast food, restaurants, coffee, night life and the vet, each with its own budget. Once I reach my budget limit in a certain category I receive a notification. has done a great job of helping me track my spending and manage my bad spending habits.

  24. Although I have not used any of the apps listed, I do believe they are useful. I have the Chase app and that helps alot with managing my money. It is easy for me to go online and mak sure my account is accurate. Alot of apps are being created for financial benefits and I do believe they are useful.

  25. In the digital age we live in, balancing a checkbook is a thing of the past. With the use of debit cards on the rise and credit cards, apps for your smartphone are the way to go. I constantly use the Mint App and website and highly recommend it to anyone. It is a very easy tool to use for managing a budget, spending, and all your different accounts all in one place. I also use a very basic app called Balance. It is basically an electronic checkbook balance. Anytime after I make a transaction with my debit card or write a check I put it down in my balance app so I always know my checking account balance to compare with my account when I check online. Also, check with your bank or credit card provider for apps they may offer for free so you can easily keep track of those accounts.

  26. Mint is a fantastic tool for budgeting your money. I have yet to use it as an app but I frequently use in online. I find its graphics to be very helpful. You can set up graphs and charts to track how you are spending your money and where you need to cut back. I have used an app similar to SmartyPig a few years back. It was very helpful. It is so similar that I think it is the same app just with a name change. Both of these tools can be linked to your bank accounts and credit cards. This allows you to see an accurate representation of how you are spending your money.

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