Halloween shopping, Halloween saving, Halloween costume

Saving while shopping for Halloween: A checklist

Halloween shopping, Halloween saving, Halloween costume
Halloween shopping doesn’t have to be scary for your budget

The hollow holiday is right around the corner, and with themed costumes, candies and decorations shopping to do within a short time period, expenses can stack up. Still, if you have spirit for spooks (we know for certain the little ones in your family do!), you can still celebrate and save. Here are some resources to look into:

  • Your own closet, or attic – See the costume(s) you had over the years and think about how the pieces could be put together for a new look. Keep in mind you can also add other accessories already in your closet, like scarves, jewelry, hats, tights, socks… anything – it’s all about being creative! (See some DIY examples to help you started here and here). This also points to a buying tip for the next Halloweens shopping trip: Buy versatile, basic pieces that can easily be transformed, like a simple cape.
  • Your friends and family’s closet – As with most anything, pulling resources with others helps everyone involved save. Have a costume-making party or get-together with friends and/or family members: You will have more resources to be creative with all while sharing a good time!
  • Thrift stores – Save and collect unique pieces for your costume and decorations.
  • Dollar stores – When it comes to decorations shopping for themed occasions, these are the best way to go. You can also find deals on candies. The offerings – and of course, the price – always make for a good surprise.
  • Last-minute trips – As the items are very occasion-specific, their prices drop significantly the closer to the holiday. So this week up until next Tuesday might be the time to shop for Halloween discounts. You could also consider buying items on big discount right after this Halloween to prepare early and save some time for the next.
  • Technology – Find deals, coupons and discounts with a quick and simple search before going to shop. You can even do this on the go using shopping mobile apps. For creative and money-saving ideas for costumes or decorations, the new star of social media Pinterest can come in handy, like this DIY Halloween costumes board.

Have you tapped into all these resources to save when shopping for Halloween or other occasions? How else have you saved on holiday shopping?

4 thoughts on “Saving while shopping for Halloween: A checklist

  1. Halloween is an exciting time of year, but costumes can be extremely expensive. These tips are very helpful for celebrating Halloween on a budget. Other tips could be to make your own! Go buy some fabric and finagle it into your favorite character. Ultimately, you must be very creative. Not only will your costume be resourceful, you will be the only one with it!

  2. Great write-up. I am a regular visitor of your web site and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I will be a frequent visitor for a really long time.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement – we are glad you like our work! Please keep checking in with us often, and if you have any suggestions for topics please feel free to reach out at any time.

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