Fly or drive for your holiday trip

If you and your family are planning to make a trip for the holidays this year, or thinking ahead for spring break or summer trips, considering your transportation options can really help you save money. Now you can also save some time on making the decision by utilizing an online tool:’s Fly or Drive Calculator gives you a suggestion of the better option between … Continue reading Fly or drive for your holiday trip

Quick Thanksgiving saving tips

Thanksgiving is a big-scale holiday that brings to mind the word “plentiful” in many ways: a gathering of many people, extensive preparation and plenty of food. However, this often also means big expenses and unfortunately, a lot of food going to waste after the big feast. Don’t let this happen to you this year – use these quick, simple tips to maximize your Thanksgiving spending: … Continue reading Quick Thanksgiving saving tips

Maximize Black Friday deals this year

A study found that overall, the best deals happen year round – not specifically on Black Friday. Still, if you do your research ahead of time, big deals can be easily found!  There are several websites that accumulate all Black Friday offers so you can easily research and make a plan to save. and are a couple of examples.  Some websites even allow … Continue reading Maximize Black Friday deals this year

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Look out for Election Day deals today!

Today marks the biggest national political event every four years, and also several once-every-few-years great deals for the occasion. Here are some for your picking: Groupon’s Election Day Deals feature big discounts on an array of items from online classes to hand puppets. The promotion also pairs with the historical election dual Jefferson Quincy-Monroe Chester and gives some fun facts for anyone who is a … Continue reading Look out for Election Day deals today!