Elections 2012, Election Day, Election Day deals, Election Day freebies

Look out for Election Day deals today!

Elections 2012, Election Day, Election Day deals, Election Day freebies
(Image source: abcnews.go.com)

Today marks the biggest national political event every four years, and also several once-every-few-years great deals for the occasion. Here are some for your picking:

  • Groupon’s Election Day Deals feature big discounts on an array of items from online classes to hand puppets. The promotion also pairs with the historical election dual Jefferson Quincy-Monroe Chester and gives some fun facts for anyone who is a history buff on a budget.
  • Speaking of fun, jetBlue airline is offering a promotion with flair of humor. The prompt goes something like, “You can win a free flight out of the country in case you find the election results absurd.”
  • The car-sharing company Zipcar, present in several big cities across the country, is offering 50% off on car reservations today through a promotion called “Zip to the Polls.”
  • On a sweeter note, frozen yogurt franchise Pinkberry is hosting a social media contest, where you can tweet today and use the hashtag #pinkthevote to enter. Ten winners will get free yogurt with toppings!

(See more deals reported by Forbes)

There might be more local Election Day deals in your area, so simply ask the merchants you plan on visiting today!

Have you spotted other Election Deals? Share with us and your fellow savers by commenting below!

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