Maximize Black Friday deals this year

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The biggest annual holiday for shoppers falls on November 23 this year.

A study found that overall, the best deals happen year round – not specifically on Black Friday.

Still, if you do your research ahead of time, big deals can be easily found!  There are several websites that accumulate all Black Friday offers so you can easily research and make a plan to save. and are a couple of examples.  Some websites even allow you to set alerts for the specific products you are looking for.

So before running out Thursday evening or Friday morning and assuming all prices are the best and lowest, make sure to:

  • Plan your purchases (make a list of specific items you need to buy)
  • Research for deals for these items
  • Plan your shopping strategy – figure out, based on store opening times and the value of the deal (how good is it?) which store to go first, second, etc.
  • Have a list prepared for each store

Need to be in two places at once?  Try to find a shopping buddy – someone who may have similar needs – and divide the list.  If you both need something from Best Buy and Wal-Mart, and both stores open at the same time – you can go to Best Buy and your shopping buddy can go to Wal-Mart.  (Remember to check the maximum allowed purchase information: sometimes Black Friday sales have limits on how many of a given item one person can purchase.)

Do you research before going shopping on Black Friday? What else do you do to maximize this shopping holiday?

23 thoughts on “Maximize Black Friday deals this year

  1. I think its important to make a shopping list and do research as this article said. Plan your purchases, Research for deals for these items, Plan your shopping strategy, have a list prepared for each store. Also, you need be aware of your money budget. How many money you plan to spend and how does it influence your financial situation. sometime you saw too many good deals that can easily make you over spend. then have a hard time after Black Friday.

  2. On Black Friday, I am not usually the one who goes and spends ridicuolous amounts of time waiting outside shopping centers for particular items. However, my family does every year. Last year, my sister missed Thanksgiving Day waiting outside Best Buy with my Aunt. I do believe that if they would look for deals online or other places that they could find the items quite similar.

  3. Great article! Planning for Black Friday purchases is important for shoppers to remember as they may get wrapped up in the excitement and forget about their budget or what they really need to buy. I also agree with having a shopping buddy. The stores can get really crowded and difficult to maneuver. Also, stores usually run out of sale items quickly on Black Friday.

  4. Unless your in it for the experience itself, you can save time and gas by getting the same deals online. Just remember to not buy items only because they are a great deal. Some places, like Walmart, are opening on Thanksgiving. They open earlier and earlier each year, it was bound to start easing into Thursday.

  5. I have had a few Black Friday experiences, and I don’t think it is ever worth the hassle. Some people claim that this is the best and only day to find the best sales, but above, it clearly says that “the best deals happen year round.” I used to know a family that celebrated Christmas in January because of how much cheaper everything was the week after Christmas. Nevertheless, there are always the traditional Black Friday shoppers. Thankfully, with modern technology, shoppers are able to visit store websites or apps to know the schedules and sale items that are necessary for the busiest shopping day of the year. Like any other financial decision, it is always helpful to be prepared and do research ahead of time. It is important to be organized in knowing what to buy and how much to spend, otherwise one can fall into careless spending.

  6. From experience, I have learned that the key to being succesful during the Black Friday experience is focusing on getting what you need, not on getting the best deals on items you think are too good to pass up. This applies for both online shopping and in-store shopping. I believe that if you shop during this hectic event without discipline and research, you can either purchase unnecessary items which will blow your holiday budget, or you can miss out on great deals for items that you have been waiting to buy. Lastly, keep an eye on items that you want throughout the year. You may find that there are items at prices just as good or cheaper than Black Friday prices during specific times of the year.

  7. Personally, I have never been shopping on “Black Friday.” I have only heard about the chaos that happens on this nationwide frenzy to take advantage of good deals on popular Christmas gift items. While it may be worth it to some people to endure this experience, I have found that online shopping is the most efficient way to find great gifts at arguable the best possible prices. Ebay is definitely a good way to go as well as other websites such as Overstock and Fivemileclub. These are my go to websites as I can always find good quality items at a fraction of what they are in a retail store. Besides saving you money, online shopping also saves you from having to deal with the insane Christmas shopping crowd. Caution should be exercised though when buying items online and extensive research should be done before purchasing to ensure that it is indeed the product you are expecting it to be when it shows up at your door.

  8. To maximize the amount of money that you can save on Black Friday, researching different aspects about products that you need to buy (whether it be now or in the near future) is key to doing so. Figuring out which products will have the best deals and deals that are limited to Black Friday only is important to your shopping strategy. I definitely agree with this post because the Black Friday is a great opportunity to save, but for more items than others. Finding which items those are and targeting them will bring you the most efficiency with your time and money.

  9. I am not a huge supporter for Black Friday specifically because I refuse to deal with violence over materials. Most of all I am not a huge shopper nor do I like dealing with crowds. When I do shop, I am a bargain shopper and online shopper and I have always felt as if you could find deals that are great anytime of the year, like the article quoted. The tips are great especially for those who have never dealt with Black Friday. However, in my opinion I suggest staying at home and shopping online!

  10. I agree with this article when they say that most of the best deals around happen throughout the year and not just during Black Friday. There are plenty of deals on websites like Slickdeals and BensBargains. But there are some items that are sold at a really really good deal and are usually very limited as well. The only way to really get one of those is to wait in line all night in the cold! So if your time and health is worth the savings you get, then go for it!

  11. I think this article is great! I have never heard of these websites before! Black Friday is very tempting with sale signs everywhere! Making a list is definately the best way to go! Determine what you are going to buy, research if the item is really cheaper at this store, and stick to it! Only buy the things you went there to get and do not go overboard!

  12. Some Items found at certain stores are also found during online black friday or cyber monday deals! So prepare to plan your time if you can’t make it to certain stores to search online and see if you’re getting the same deals.

    A lot of items are still within the same deals after the black friday day ends, keep in check on those same items you lost out on a week later and you will be surprised.

  13. Almost every year I go black Friday shopping! I don’t always do it just to get great deals, I also enjoy the exhilarating feeling I get from racing from store to store. This article has some really great tips about shopping around on black Friday. For example, you may not be getting the best deal on the item you are interested in purchasing even if the retailer portrays the item that way. It’s significant to do your research and compare prices on items for black Friday and on a regular day. You may learn that you might get a better deal at a different time of year. This article is also helpful in planning in the sense that it gives good tips about how you should strategize your plan to go shopping and if you need to be in two places at once, invite a friend! It also recommends that you know what you want before you go after it. This way you can manage your time more efficiently and get to other places you have to go.

  14. Research is fundamental when investing an amount of money in a product or service. Research should be applicable with a scientific methods, you may want to use your money for a product that will maximize your personal utility according to the fund you have.

    In order to maximize this holiday, you should already know what to buy before coming. Spending time to list your needs will help you to get better price and find the best opportunity.

  15. While getting a deal one things you want or early Christmas shopping that isn’t going to break the bank that kinda deal doesn’t just happen. To be sure that you are really getting a deal you should definitely do some research! If you are planning to go black friday shopping for the first time without making a plan you are in for a shock when you realize the dent it can make in your bank account.

  16. It is so true that great deals can be found all throughout the year, and not just Blck Friday. However, the websites that let you look and compare prices are amazing for saving time from jumping from site to site, as well as seeing “what’s really a deal”. The tips given above are great in minimzing time spent searching for items and preparing you for that one hectic day of the year.

    1. I also agree with this comment in that great deals can be found throughout the entire year. Everyone waits for Black Friday to buy presents, however a true saver will notice a good deal when he/she sees one. I also like the sites that help you easily compare savings offered at different stores on Black Friday to help you plan ahead your time spent in certain stores.

  17. Black Friday is just another holiday. I believe it is one of the best times to go shopping, because you can great prices on different items on the same day! Black Friday does have it disadvantages, because there are so many people on the same day trying to get the same bargain deal you are looking at. Preparing in advance definitely does help with the Black Friday shopping frenzy and shopping online!

  18. I have not done research before Black Friday shopping, however I feel it is the day to make your big item purchases. A few years ago I bought my MacBook on Black Friday and while it was not on sale I got a great deal on accessories and Microsoft software for my computer. Having a list of what you want and where to find the items at a steal are a great way to maximize your time and not have shopper’s guilt after buying items on sale because you were “in the moment”.

  19. People should have everything planned out before the madness on Black Friday. This article contains great tips on how to prepare for this day. It is important to research, plan, and make a list before shopping on Black Friday. I also agree with how the best deals are around this time, not only on Black Friday. It also suggested two great websites which contain coupons and deals to help save money. These tips will definitely make shopping on Black Friday an easier process.

  20. Black Friday is a huge deal to some people! This is a great article for anyone who attends regularly. The fact that the best deals can be found throughout the year and not just on Black Friday should be spread nationally. If people are still interested in purchasing certain items and finding bargains, the article provides two great websites at resources that track prices. Also, the tips given are a good source of information for any Black Firday “newbies.” Overall, a great read and possibly a good way to convince people who are anti Black Friday to give it a chance.

  21. Everyone enjoys purchasing an item on sale;however, one must be smart in making purchasing decisions. I agree with this article on preparing for Black Friday rather than aimlessly grabbing supposed
    “deals”. Personal savings can dissipate easily if a specific list of deals aren’t created beforehand.

    1. I agree with this comment. I also believe the article does a good job of stating it is important to make a plan before trying to buy a list of products on Black Friday. Personal savings can dissipate fast during the holidays, especially when you have a lot of gifts to buy.

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