Small ways to save big on holiday gifts

christmas_gifts_s3When it comes to saving on holiday gift shopping, next to general saving guidelines like sticking to your budget and knowing when to buy what, there are also a number of small tips to save here and there while you’re shopping. Although each may seem small, these mini-savings can really stack up. So as you go through checking off items on your gift list this month, make sure to also check off these saving tips:

  • Look for discounts on social media – If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to “Like” and follow your favorite brands for gifts on Facebook and Twitter. As brands are investing more in exclusive discounts and deals for social media, connecting with them on these platforms gives you more opportunities to save.
  • Give crafty is a website for artists and artisans to sell their crafts directly to interested buyers, which can allow for significantly lower prices than store items. Give this website a browse and you can pick up unique holiday gifts while support independent artists.
  • Make some gifts yourself – DIY presents not only help you save but also add special meaning to the gifts. So get creative (Pinterest can be a good source of inspiration) but also remember, you can keep it simple and still personal.
  • Break up gift sets – Turn a large set to smaller gift packages to add even more value to your gift set purchases.
  • Check for discounts for online purchases – Always search for promotional codes before checking out your online cart; you might come across pleasant surprises like free shipping or special discounts. is a good site to look through, although a simple Google search also works.

How else are you stacking up savings while shopping for holiday gifts? Share with us by commenting below!

One thought on “Small ways to save big on holiday gifts

  1. Although it is not the holiday season, I still enjoyed reading each of these tips. I will definitely keep them in mind when I am doing my Christmas shopping in a few months. I have discovered that companies use their social media pages to advertise special deals to their “fans”, especially around the holiday season. In addition to these tips given, as a student I’d like to advise other students that many stores often wonderful student discounts if you present a student identification card. At some stores, it could be as much as 15% off your entire purchase. By following all these tips, you can give wonderful gifts without breaking the bank.

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