Gifting guide for the holidays

Excited Shopping WomanThe month of December entails extensive shopping for holiday gifts, decorations and not to mention those once-a-year deals that altogether can take much effort and planning. If you could use some help with year-end holiday shopping, here are a few general guidelines:

Buy earlier:

  • Champagne – For this festive drink, deals are sweeter closer to the beginning of December, or further away from Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, so stock up early for the celebrations and save.
  • Tools and hardware – Although deals on tools will happen throughout the month, save yourself shopping time and have more to select from by buying early.

Buy later:

  • Toys – The best deals for toys happen closer to Christmas, but not days before the holiday where you will have to buy hastily without time to compare prices or get the ideal toy. Try to aim for two weeks before.
  • Electronics – As models for the next year are released, this year’s models will be on discounts to free up stocking space.
  • Kitchenware and appliances – Deals in this category are a mix of the two above. While kitchen items are on sale to boost the last-minute gift purchases, appliances of this year’s models need to be circulated on to make room for next year’s models.

Buy after the holidays:

  • Christmas lights and decorations to stock up early for next year

Don’t buy just yet this month – A few common holiday gifts that have gotten more expensive during high demand this month will likely come back down in 2013:

Which other suggestions would you add to this list?

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