Savings From Eating Healthy


If your new year’s resolution for this year is to eat healthier, you will be glad to know this habit can improve not only your health but also your wallet. Contradicting to the common belief that being healthy costs more, eating healthy actually saves you money in many ways:

  • Skim on soda, energy drinks and coffee shop beverages (brew your own instead) to cut the excess sugar and spending.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle to save the extra costs of individual plastic bottles and buying from vending machines.
  • Instead of packaged salty and sweet snacks that can stack up preservatives and costs, buy dried fruits and unsalted nuts in bulk and make your own nutritious snacks. Recipes for DIY trail mixes and even granola bars can be easily found with simple online searches.
  • High-price groceries from organic stores are not the only healthy alternatives to packaged and fast foods: Buy seasonal produce from local farmer’s markets for fresh, affordable meals. You can also pickle or can them yourself to preserve for use during off-season months.
  • Buy veggies and large fruits in whole and cut them at home yourself to save extra on groceries.

These benefits aside, healthy eating habits save you major health-related expenses in the long run, making them an important investment to your well-being.

Are you trying to eat healthier this year? What other tips do you follow to keep healthy habits within budget?

One thought on “Savings From Eating Healthy

  1. Being a student, it isn’t always easy, or financially beneficial to eat healthy. I feel like these are some great tips for students looking to do just that! Its easy to fall into the habit of buying salty and snacks, and those purchases aren’t cheap. By changing out the potato chips and replacing them with, say for example banana chips, one saves a lot of money and makes the choice to eat healthy. Also, I strongly agree on skimming on buying soda and other beverages, especially coffee shop purchases. These small, everyday purchases quickly add up and can really put a dent in one’s budget. Plus making one’s own coffee is a much cheaper and healthier option. As for the water solution, I put this suggestion to use all the time. When I first started college, I used to bring water bottles from home, and quickly noticed the amount adding up. Shortly after, I realized I could save a lot of money by simply using a reusable water bottle.

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