2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Savings…Anyone?

  1. Discussing money saving tips can be considered an everyday topic, but actually taking action and doing so is not so regular. This blog gave several helpful tips that may be the driving force to cause people to stop spending and start saving. I especially liked the tip on putting aside extra change in a jar. I always give away loose change without realizing how much it can really add up. Little tips like this can help in the rise of an unexpected emergency and essentially prevent the cause of debt!

  2. Thank you for posting, these tips will come in handy. Normally whenever I have loose change from the day I ignore it and leave it in random places. If I ever decided to take a day off and search for all my loose change I would probably have a small fortune. I like the idea of keeping it in a jar or box where I can easily access it and then bring it to the bank for savings. In that way I don’t have to give up having a coffee everyday but rather I just collect the change over time and save in that way.

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