Rising Gas Prices…the Saga Continues!

GasHere’s a topic we’ve discussed a few times…rising gas prices. UGH! The news anchors continues to tell us how “bad” gas prices are – and how much worse they may get.  We’ve found a couple of helpful tools and tips that can help.

First, Gasbuddy is an app that helps you identify the best gas prices – even when you are traveling (link to app?)

Next, watch for special gas discount programs. As an example, Winn Dixie and Shell have an arrangement in some markets. Believe it or not, I got a $.50 per gallon discount at Shell by buying my groceries at Winn Dixie.

Another opportunity is some of the major discount retail stores (Sam’s Club, etc.) offer discount on gas for their “members”. There is typically a cost to be a “member”, so you will need to decide if you purchase enough gas to still benefit from the discount (if the card costs $15 per year, and the discount on gas is $.05 per gallon, you would need to buy more than 300 gallons to realize any savings. That sounds like a lot, but for a 15 gallon gas tank, that is only filling your tank 20 times in a year.  Many people fill up many more times than that.)

Managing your gas expense can make a difference in your budget. We hope these ideas are helpful. Know of another good app or tip?  Please share it with us!

One thought on “Rising Gas Prices…the Saga Continues!

  1. This is something that you should consider before buying a vehicle. Gas prices are on the rise and don’t look to be declining any time in the near future. Before buying a car, you should take into consideration the gas prices and how they will fit into your budget. If you have a small budget for gas prices, you should buy a smaller, more gas-efficient vehicle that will use less gas than a large SUV. In addition to gas prices, you should factor in maintenance costs…remember that foreign cars will have more expensive parts to replace.

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