Here is a Quick Tip on How to Save Money on Groceries

Save on groceriesHere’s a quick tip to save some money on groceries, though it may cost you in other ways.

Buying food in prepared  or ready-to-eat packages is often really expensive!  Instead, try buying fresh foods.  As an example, carrots in pre-washed, pre-cut, and ready-to-eat form are MUCH more expensive than the bag of regular carrots. Buying flavored oatmeal (including sugar and spices) is much more expensive than buying the tub of oatmeal and adding your own sugar and spice.  Buying cheese sticks is typically more expensive than buying a block of cheese.  Fruit juice in serving-sized containers is more than a bottle of juice….There are examples of this on every aisles!

If you are willing and able to prepare your food when you are ready to eat, then you can take advantage of this major area of savings.  Some of these “convenience-packaged” foods cost double – or even triple the cost of unprepared.

That said, it still may not make sense for you and your family.

When does saving money not make sense?  When it is at the expense of eating healthy.  Sometimes having a quick, healthy snack on hand is more important than saving money.

Next time you run to the store – think about it…COULD you prepare it yourself?

9 thoughts on “Here is a Quick Tip on How to Save Money on Groceries

  1. This post is very informative and helpful, I will remember it the next time I am out grocery shopping.

  2. I always end up spending way more at the grocery store then I ever plan to. There is no way to get out of that place with out spending less then fifty dollars. Sometimes when making dinner i think i could have gone out to eat for much cheaper then this is costing me to make. Saving a few dollars here and their when grocery shoping is always very helpful. Another thing besides all of these helpful hints on saving money on groceries is to always go with a list and stick to that list. If you go with no list you will end up buying more then you planned thus resulting in a higher bill when you check out

  3. Hello all,

    This is my second blog ever but I like the whole public debate and collection of ideas setting. I completely agree with this post and have been living by this “philosophy” for roughly 3 years. Buying unprocessed foods is much healthier for you than eating ready-to-eat box foods which contain a lot of sodium and saturated fat. This is proven almost anywhere. The main idea here in my opinion is one should cook and prepare food from scratch as opposed to going out to eat or buying frozen or ready-to-eat meals. Think to buy ingredients in order to prepare something in the future instead of picking a high-priced processed product. Plus, fruits and vegetables and much less expensive and provide actual nutrients that the body needs.

  4. I was raised in a different country where if you want to eat anything, you have to make it from scratch because it is not available any other way. I have carried this tradition with me here. Although I attempted to use prepackaged and precooked items before, not only did I realize that it was not nearly as tasty, but I was also loosing control on my grocery spending s. The money you will spend one 2 quick meals most likely will pay for ingredients for that same meal that will yield many more meals. I think everybody on a budget should do a bit more home cooking and please their tummy at the same time.

  5. I completely agree. Having a three year old and being a college student working 40 hours a week, I tend to find myself not only going to the grocery store with light pockets but looking for easy fixes; but what I have found is a major price difference. It is way cheaper to buy a large container of juice than a pack of juicy juice. It is also cheaper to buy peanut butter, jelly, and bread than to buy a pack of individual uncrustable sandwiches. i love this concept and think it’s helpful to everyone, no matter what point in your life you are in.

  6. As a college student always in a crunch for money, I found these tips to be very helpful. Most people, especially busy working moms, are willing to pay extra for the convenience. However, I have more time than money on my hands and would way rather get a better deal and put in a little bit of work. I am more than willing to spend the extra time to cut up my carrots or chop my lettuce if it means I am getting them for a cheaper price. I know that I will now be more aware of these things when doing my grocery shopping.

  7. This is a very helpful blog post. As a college student on a limited budget its nice to learn new ways about how to save money on buying groceries. It’s also nice to find new ways and tips to eat healthier food. My roommates and I definitely going to try this. Even though you are buying things in bulk, its four of us living in a house so it should work out well. This is a great alternative, new way of trying to cook and prepare your own food in a cheap and healthy way. I would recommend any college students giving it a try as long as you have the proper amount of time and enough roommates to accommodate the bulk of food.

  8. This is awesome, in addition to being cheaper it is also healthier. I personally tried following this and found a few hiccups along the way. One of which was how time consuming and tedious this process was. Most products can only be bought in bulk for example a 1lb bag of carrots, a head of cauliflower or broccoli, for a small family this was helpful, but for a single student living alone, this was too much grocery to cook at home. Even if it meant cleaning packaging and freezing unused items. Time is minimal for students, this presented a tedious process that was not practical. This works if the living and eating expenses are shared with roommates, and you took turns to cook.

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