Secrets to a Successful Yard Sale

Yard Sale, Tips, Sign, Sales, SummerSummertime is the catalyst for all things outside. So why not take a clutter from your home, put a little cash in your pocket, and catch some sun while doing it. Here are just a few tips to help make your day a success!

Plan Ahead- First, set a time and date for your sale. With a green light to be outside, plan for a Saturday and possibly even a Sunday as well. Second, plan exactly what you’re going to sell and if you’re doing this sale alone, or with two or more families. Doing a sale with your neighbors can be fun, just create a system for differentiating your prices. Third, advertise. It doesn’t matter if it’s presented as Patio, Carport, Yard, Porch, or Garage Mania! People that follow your signs, will buy your things.

You can even advertise your sale at for free!

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure- Don’t throw out anything. Clean out your closets, garage, cars, and anything that you find useless- put a price tag on it. You’ll be surprised, but people will buy just about anything. Also a good tip for this time of year is put summer items front and center. Luggage, pool toys, that beach chair with sand still in the cup holder, let them be featured this month.

Garage Sale Gold- Today, bottles of all kinds are flying off the tables. Big, little, wine, and even medicine bottles are being sold in antique shops. Especially fruit jars and mason jars, if you have any of these lying around your home, don’t be afraid to raise the price. Additional items in demand are baseball cards, lawn mowers, camping gear, tools, old coins, jewelry, and dishes. Selling items in bulk can be a great way to make money as well. Sell shirts in groups of five or ten to ensure you’re getting rid of as much as possible, and hang them on a clothesline for an easy display.

“I Just Couldn’t Say No!”- Now, we’ve all said this to the little girl or boy coming to our homes selling cookies or lemonade. I’ve seen my neighbor buy twenty pounds of mulch from the Boy Scout around the corner with the only own foliage in his yard being fake ferns. My point here is that children are persuasive. While this may seem needless for a yard sale, no one can sell Barbie dolls better than the blue-eyed girl that they were bought for. Especially when kids come to the sale with their grandparents, consider all fifty of those dolls off your hands.

Garage Sales can be a great way to make money, meet some friendly neighbors, and learn a thing or two about sales. Just remember as you’re trying to detach yourself from a knick knack, money in your pocket is better than clutter in the house.

Good luck and happy selling!

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