May 26 – June 1, 2013: National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane, preparation, supplies, emergency, disasterJill Hasling, president and meteorologist with the Weather Research Center in Houston predicts a 90 percent chance that a Category 3 or stronger hurricane will form in the Atlantic Ocean during the 2013 Hurricane Season. She believes that the coastal areas from Louisiana to Alabama and the western coast of Florida have a 70 percent chance of experiencing landfall of a tropical storm or hurricane this year.

It may be a little early to board up your windows, but it is never too early to plan and prepare your family for potential storms. Being prepared will help you in many ways- and save you money!

Evaluate the Exterior – Start at the top of your home and evaluate the condition of your roof, your windows, entry doors and garage doors. These are the four most critical areas of the home during hurricane season because if any one of these areas is compromised, then wind, pressure and water can enter the home with devastating results.

Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit – To save yourself time and money if a hurricane does land, prepare a kit now before your neighborhood decides they need to. It’s a good idea to make a kit for your family now to relive pressure as a storm nears. The kit will need to meet the needs of you and your family for three days. It should include food and water for each member of your family, a battery-powered radio, flashlight, spare batteries, first aid kit, can opener, toilet paper, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation. To save money, you can even bottle your own water straight from the tap while the water is still clean and working.

A complete list of recommended items for an emergency kit can be found at, FEMA’s emergency preparedness website.

Fill Up – Gas availability can be slim to none when a hurricane approaches, so to relieve stress and get the most for your money fill up containers of gasoline in advanced to have in stock. Gas stations can be stingy about the amount you’re allowed to hoard right before a storm, but if you start early you’ll be prepared and won’t have to sit in lengthy lines at the gas station.

Invest in a Generator – To help maintain food in your fridge, circulate air in your home, and watch the news on TV, buying a small generator may be worth the cost. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes especially, it can pay off being able to have a small amount of power to keep your family comfortable. Not only can you power refrigerators, fans, and TV’s, but smaller items too. Crucial electronics like cell phones being charged can keep you in contact with friends and family, and sometimes having the power to keep that communication can be priceless.

Hurricanes can change your life in an instant. But taking these preparations into consideration and being smart with your purchases can not only save you a buck, but your family’s lives as well.

Any other tips to prepare for hurricane season? Share them with us below!

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