6 Tips to Conquering Cyber Monday

cyber-monday-screwed1Thanksgiving dinner is a distant memory and the smoke has cleared from the chaos of Black Friday. But today the shopping continues, with “Cyber Monday” in full swing. In 2005, the term “Cyber Monday” began and has grown to become a global phenomenon, with retailers in multiple countries using the phrase to drive sales. Research from comScore puts Cyber Monday sales at $610 million in 2006, and shows consistent growth to $1.465 billion in 2012.So Crack open your laptop and use these tips to get the best out of this online holiday shopping bonanza.

1. Sign up for newsletters.

Retailers keep a tight lock on information regarding their Cyber Monday sales, often because they’re waiting to see how they fared on Black Friday. But many retailers release information about their Cyber Monday sales over the weekend, through newsletters to loyal customers, leading up to the online sales day.
2. Go local for the big tech gifts.

Online giants such as Best Buy and Amazon may be the first stores you think of for purchasing computers, televisions and cameras, but local businesses are offering great Cyber Monday deals. Their inventory may be smaller, so be sure to order early or call them to hear availability.

3. Hotels do Cyber Monday deals too.

Hotels such as Marriott or even local hotels, are offering special rates for reservations booked on Cyber Monday. Though some date restrictions will likely apply, take advantage and gift yourself your own cheap getaway out of town.

4. Don’t get carried away.

The golden rule of shopping during a sale is to not buy things you don’t need, even if the price seems fantastic. Remember that online retailers can and do offer sales all the time, so be patient and stick to your shopping list.

5. Look ahead.

Check out prices before Cyber Monday to be sure you are getting a good deal. Be especially wary of pricing that highlights “80% off regular price” as many products are always offered at a discount.

6. Demand free shipping.

If a retailer doesn’t offer free shipping on electronics or other items on Cyber Monday, then a quick search means you can find one that will. Don’t pay an extra $6.99 in shipping fees if you don’t have to.

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