Would you bet on your New Year’s resolution?

new years resolutionsIt’s that time of year again for the big Resolution. While it’s no secret that few actually follow through with their resolutions, would money incentives motivate you more to reach your set goal? Two apps attempt to help users do this through making a bet – where your money is literally put on the line to accomplish a certain goal. See if they are for you this year:

21habit – The app and website are meant for users to set a goal and track their progress for 21 days. You will need to put down $21 as you set your goal. Each day after you would “clock in” your progress, and if you have “succeeded” you will gain $1 back. If not, however, you give up the $1 of the day to one of the company’s partnering charities. At the end of your 21-day challenge, you can start a new goal to track. Applying this app to your new year’s resolution, you can break up your resolution into smaller, incremental goals to achieve each in 21 days.

Stickk – Working on the same premise but unrestricted with time and the money at stake, Stickk aims to help users “stick” to their goals. This app is also different from the previous in that you will need a “referee” to monitor your progress, whether that be friends or family. You and a friend or family member can set resolutions together and track each other’s progress and see if the “buddy system” works for you!

What do you think about these two apps? Have you done something similar, or would you make a bet to keep your new year’s resolution?

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