How are You Saving for National Pet Preparedness Month?

dog, pet, cute, corgiJune is National Pet Preparedness month and as we all know the expenses of owning a pet add up quickly.  Keep your pet budget on the right path with these money saving tips.

Look for pet food and treats online.  All online pet stores and even many online grocery stores sell pet food.  They offer tons of brands for all types of diets and many times it is much cheaper online than buying it at the store.  Do some comparison shopping and find out which online pet food provider has the best price on your brand.  Don’t forget to consider shipping and tax when comparing prices.

Be smart about toys.  Remember that your pet’s health is the top priority on your pet budget.  While we love spoiling out pets with tons of toys, they are not necessary to have a happy, health pet.  The most important things you can give your pet are time and affection which will outweigh the importance of any toy.  When you do purchase toys, however, there are many online sites that offer much better prices on popular toys than retail stores. Shop around and save a few bucks.

Save on healthcare by comparing options.  Online sites typically offer popular brands such as Frontline for about 30% less than retail stores.  You can also save on your pet’s healthcare by calling around to different veterinarians and getting quotes on services such vaccinations.

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