Saving on Fourth of July: Now That’s Something to Celebrate

flag, patriotic, fourth of july, americaWhether you’re hosting your own red, white, and blue bash or choosing to celebrate by attending a fireworks show with friends and family, there are many ways to save on the cost of your Independence Day merriment.  Here are a few for you to consider:

Save on food.  If it’s a barbeque or cook-out that you’re planning, be sure to shop for food at stores that sell in bulk. Wholesalers offer many discounts on all your grilling needs.  You could also consider making your party a potluck. You could provide burgers or hotdogs and ask guests to bring their favorite dishes to complement.

Ask around before you buy.  Before you go buying all new platters and décor, ask neighbors, friends, and family if they have any Fourth of July dinnerware that you could borrow.  Anything that can’t be borrowed can be purchased at the dollar store for cheap.

Celebrate beforehand. All those food trucks can get expensive!  Instead of eating and buying 3 dollar water bottles at the fireworks celebration, eat beforehand and you’ll be sure to rack up some savings.

Save on fireworks.  Fireworks can get really expensive so the best way to save is to attend a local show instead of having your own.  If this doesn’t appeal to you, try buying fireworks the morning of the fourth and asking for a discount.  Many times sellers will allow you to purchase them cheaper the day before because not many people will buy them after the fourth.  Another way to save is to join with other families in your neighborhood who are interested and have a group show.  You can have more fireworks and you can split the costs.

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