Painless Ways to Boost Your Savings

money-256312_640Fall is on its way and for many this could mean paying tuition, gearing up for holiday shopping, or just taking on new expenses such as a car note or mortgage.  It can be hard to even think about saving when all you can see are piling expenses.  Saving is vital to your financial future and no matter what the situation; you should always find ways to save.  Here are some painless ways to boost your savings account that won’t leave your checkbook feeling empty.

Play rounding games.  When you record purchases, round that $23.14 shirt to $24 then transfer all the extra change to your savings account at the end of the month.  Another way to do this is to save on receipts.  Receipts from grocery stores usually tell you “you saved $5.62!” at the end.  Immediately transfer that amount to your savings.

Nix the “bonus buys”.  Found 5 dollars in your coat pocket? Received a work bonus?  Save it.

Maximize raises.  If you receive a raise at work fight the urge to liven up your lifestyle and instead automatically transfer your raise amount to savings while still allowing yourself the same amount you lived off of before your raise.

Steal a couple bucks…from yourself.  Check your checking account the day before payday.  If you’ve got $67.25, make your balance even and just transfer that $7.25 to savings.  Or even better, zero out your balance the day before a paycheck and you’ll never even notice the missing money.

Keep paying bills.  If you have a note that you have recently paid off, just keep writing that check every month but send it to your savings instead.  Even if you can’t afford the entire amount, you could still write a check for half the amount!

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