Holiday Money Saving Tips

Saving MoneyWhether or not you want to admit it, you probably overspend when it comes to the holidays. Don’t worry though, with a few simple tips you can regain control over your budget and still feel the holiday cheer!

Start Early 

You can almost always find coupons and sales when the holidays are just beginning to approach. You’ll want to catch them early on and get as many non-perishable holiday items as possible in advance. If you want to really prepare though, you can hit the day-after-the-holiday sale and start stocking up for next year.

Make a List

You may make a list every time you go shopping, but the trick is actually following it. You definitely don’t need those turkey flavored gumballs (yes, they exist), so make sure you only get what you wrote on the list! Be sure to consult recipes/instructions before you make the list so you don’t forget anything.

Set a Budget

Make sure it’s realistic, and then stick with it. It’s easier not to overspend when you know your exact budget.

The most important thing for any holiday is surrounding yourself with your loved ones and appreciating this time together. Whether it’s trick or treating, a party or a simple family dinner, you don’t need to go bankrupt to have a happy holiday.

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