What Can Help You Be More Successful?

business-leadership-3Have you ever wondered what makes some people more desirable in a workplace? Education and skill aside, there are a few things that many employers look for. Not only do these traits make you more desirable to employers, but they have a way of commanding respect which often lends a hand on the path to success, which leads to not only financial gain but personal achievements as well.

  • Body Language: Most of us know that eye contact is important and that a good handshake will get you far in life, but what we rarely consider is how our posture can effect other’s perception. Standing tall with your shoulders open and arms wide helps your body exude confidence in the form of hormones.
  • Being a T-shaped person: This means having a depth of knowledge in a subject area as well as a broad range of interests and more shallow knowledge. Being extremely well informed in your area of expertise is great, but without that broad expanse in other areas, you limit yourself.
  • Be mindful of your tone: Not in the way of being polite (although that’s very important as well), but be sure to speak clearly with no inflections that may be misleading or confusing. Many people include an upward inflection at the end of their statements (this is called up speaking), and it causes what may be a very knowledgeable and informed statement sound like a question. This can lead people to believe you are less credible that you actually may be.

There’s no magical formula that equates to success, so every little step you take to make you a more competitive and desirable person in the workforce is important to consider.

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