Selling Back Your Textbooks

Does it pain you to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks each semester when you know that you won’t need them after finals and you can only sell them back to the bookstore for pennies on the dollar? Trying to sell your used textbooks can be difficult, especially if they aren’t in the best shape after a long semester of all-nighters (stains, rips, marks, etc.). However, these two easy tricks will keep your books in top selling condition:

  1. Use sticky flags to mark your pages instead of folding down the edges. You can also use them to write little notes for future studying.
  2. Seal the book with painter’s tape. You can either wrap the edges or the whole book. Painter’s tape will come off easily without damaging your book, but it will help protect it from the wear and tear of backpack travel.

In addition to keeping your book in high-quality shape, you may want to consider alternatives to selling through your bookstore. You have a higher chance of making back some of your hard-earned cash by selling directly to other students who are going to take the same course or through online stores such as Amazon or chegg.

Don’t let those textbooks rot away in you closest, car or backpack all summer. Selling you textbooks is the fastest way to get some some fast cash for your summer adventures, so why would you wanna pass that up? Here are some additional websites to get your bang for your buck on those expensive textbooks: Money Pantry 

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