The (Tur) Keys to Money Gobbles This Thanksgiving

Before we can even put a bite of mom’s stuffing into our mouths, the cost of holidays indiscriminately chow down on our bank accounts; and believe me, they do not care to share. Between November 1st and December 16th, $52 million are spent annually on holiday shopping in the United States. An average family will spend at least $312 over the Thanksgiving weekend. Shoppers end up spending an average of about $804.42 on gifts for the holidays. Sweet pumpkin pie is right, Jimmy. Never fear, though: We can cut some of the corners this Thanksgiving!

The dinner itself can be quite affordable if everyone chips in. In the age of technology, there are simple ways to get the most bang out of your family’s buck: I introduce you to Trello. It’s a beautiful app found online thanksgivingand on mobile devices that makes Thanksgiving as easy as cutting a nice slice of warm pumpkin bread. Think of it as a to-do list that can be shared with family and friends so that everyone knows who’s bringing what. This simple communication can keep anyone from bringing too much of the same food items (and effectively wasting their time and money).

While you’re planning Thanksgiving, go ahead and buy a chicken instead of a turkey. Come on, everyone should eat more chicken. I know, I know! However, rotisserie chicken can be to die for, and once you’ve had so much of the cranberries and gravy and potatoes, the little switch is a delightful contrast to the taste buds. Just try it! You never know.

This may also be taboo, but I’m going to need you to take off your ear muffs and really hear me out: Fly in on Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday dinner, not a lunch. Just hold back the meal until six o’clock so you can take a shower. The actual holiday has the lowest traveler numbers and the most affordable airfares. Really, that’s a two in one!

My final little tidbit is to go ahead and participate in Black Friday. The app I recommend for the frenzy is simply Black Friday Shopping, available on Android and iTunes. Have a plan of what you want, and how you’re going to spend your money. My one requirement is that you absolutely must get Tupperware. While everyone’s packing up to leave, go ahead and pack some, “”Thanks for coming,” lunches for the whole family. Don’t waste a single morsel!

Once you’ve finished your holiday, head back here and let me know how it went, and which tips you’re most grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

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