Five Holiday Hacks To Do This December

We keep stressing the importance of saving during the holiday season, but we genuinely can’t stress it enough. This time of year is always the most chaotic on budgets. Here at The EDSA Group, we’ve put together a few holiday hacks that are easy to do, and ingenious to use!

Gift cards are awesome, huh? But you know what’s not awesome? Forgetting how much you spent on that gift card your boss gave you. That’s okay, though! You’ll never have this problem again. This time, you’ll find a file label in the supply room and stick it to your gift card. Put the remaining balance on the card so you’ll always know.

Nice, shiny gifts are beautiful. Underneath the tree’s Christmas lights, the presents really stick out in a gorgeous way. Buy you know what’s not beautiful? Spending too much on gift wrap paper. You only really use it twice a year! Use an old chip bag as a snazzy, recycled gift bag. Who needs to actually get up and go to the store for some high-fa-looting-priced paper bag? Not you!

Skip the candle this year too. Sure, it smells nice, we get it. You can make your home smell like Christmas without it! Boil clove and cinnamon. It really brings out the holiday spirit without the holiday spending. Making hot chocolate and cookies will make the place smell nice, and it’s tasty too.

Merry moods mean impulsive spending. When you leave the house, have your spending money in cash. Leave your cards at home. It’s kind of liberating, actually. This will keep you from breaking the bank. No Grinch can steal Christmas now!

You know what’s great about the holidays? Spending time with your family… But hanging out with the family outside of the house can be expensive. Decrease these costs by packing snacks and water bottles for any outing. This will keep everyone happy, especially when everyone may not be hungry at the same time.

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