Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Not A(pp) Problem.

You know, we get it. This time of year is stressful. Everything’s pulling you in a million different directions,, especially your wallet. And Christmas is coming as quickly as it can! Did you get everyone’s gifts? What about for that Secret Santa? What about for your great aunt’s new husband? What about for yourself? Let us help you. Here are a few apps that should be in your arsenal this Christmas.

Buyvia is one of the best under the sun. They browse through popular retailers to find items that you’re on the lookout for. Available on Apple products, Androids, and Kindle Fire, this little app only notifies you when they item you want has a coupon or sale. You can define which stores you want to buy from, and categories of interest.It gets rid of all the unnecessary clutter, and it helps you comparison shop.

Giftfund is perfect for 103167881-GiftFund-2_copy.600x400brothers and sisters to pull in some dough to get mom that pricey present she’s always wanted. You can search for a gift they want, then put in a contribution for that gift. Once all of the funds are collected, the gift is shipped to the recipient with a receipt with all of the contributors’ names. Additional unused funds go to the recipient in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Shopular gives you timely and relevant notifications whenever you’re around a certain area, or as soon as you walk into the store. It’s an easy way to get the great deals from top retailers. Shopular spans over 40,000 locations within the United States.

WHO HATES PARKING? Thought so. Try this on for size: ParkWhiz reserves a parking space for you. That’s right, Bob. Tell the app where you want to go, and they will give you options on where it is you can park. Reserve it. Once you get there, you just flash your reservation to the attendant.

Having trouble figuring out what to get Aunt Laura? Now you don’t. Giftster is a convenient wishlist, or gift registry that your entire family can share.

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