The Guide to Giving (And Saving) This Holiday Season

You’ve still got enough turkey for three armies in that freezer. You know what time of year it is.Thanksgiving pies have been gobbled, but the gingerbread’s in the oven and the shopping has only begun. You’ve got nine days to get those presents. How are you going to make it? How are you going to make it?! Don’t panic. We have some tips for you.

Make a list and check it twice. Go ahead and jot down who you want to get gifts for. Maybe elaborate on what you want to get them, if you have an idea. You really should write down a maximum on what you’re willing to spend on that person. Make sure that you go over it again, to familiarize yourself on the list (and to be more like Santa). Once you have a moment to see what you want to get, check out this website in order to see the price history of the products you want. Snag some things when the price is low!

After December 17, all shipping at nearly a thousand online merchants is free! Go to this list to see if you can catch that deal. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been waiting for a blessing such as this one to get just the right thing! We don’t blame you. Besides, toy shopping online is so much better than going to ransacked retailers. Try contacting an online chat associate to ask for a discount. You may feel rude at first, but you could get fifteen percent off. Worth it?

Additionally, consider getting the Invisible Hand. This extension will stay in the background, but when you’re browsing at a big wig company, the hand will be checking for alternative websites that have the item you want for a cheaper price.

No one likes shopping on a time budget, so get plenty of rest the night before. Wake up around eight o’clock and get ready for the day ahead of you. Skip the donuts, and load up on foods that will sustain you. Pick a breakfast with plenty of fiber, proteins, and good fats. Around one o’clock, make sure you pick up a healthy lunch too.Remember, carbohydrates make you sleepy.

Dressing for comfort is good, but make it cute. Darren Dahl, a professor of applied marketing research at the Sauder School of Business, in Vancouver, suggests that people tend to buy more when they feel insecure. Go ahead and wear something you like to wear, just nix the stilettos.

Before going out, make your own upbeat playlist (this could also be a great gift for a friend). The music in most stores is calculated. For instance, that cheerful Christmas music they’re playing is a ploy to make you feel nostalgic and stay in the store just that much longer. If you play a song that’s a little faster, it’ll keep you moving efficiently through store fronts. Plug in your headphones and get bopping.

Stopping at the bank and taking out the big bills helps us spend less. We don’t want to break a Franklin! Come on! In addition, try to buy you’re least expensive items from the list first. Once we’ve negotiated a big ticket item, it’s difficult to determine other prices.

Treat yourself to some holiday cheer. When you’re in a good mood, you’ll be a good shopper. Go ahead and get a manicure around two o’clock to keep yourself from getting worn out. Don’t like manicures? Who doesn’t have time to go by the massage chairs in the mall? We know you’ve always wanted to try it. Have a good holiday!



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