Having Dogs Without Petty Costs

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that raising a dog is fulfilling, albeit expensive. We don’t get dogs because they’re cheap, we get them because we love them. Well, we should also like good deals. Here’s to making your life, and your pup’s, a little bit easier.

Doggy Doors Done Right

Get a reasonably priced screen door with two small screened panels at the bottom. Remove the bottom panes to place heavy vinyl behind it. Attach it to the door on the top of each panel. You could even mark one pane ENTER and the other EXIT. The estimated money saved averages out to $124.

Cleaning in a Jiff

When your little guy starts finding furniture fun to tear up, don’t use punishment as a reinforcement. Punishment is only a temporary solution to any problem. Instead, get a Hol-ee rubber ball, cut up scraps of fabric and make some jerky (Instruction below). Add the strips of fabric, concealing the jerky with clever precision. You’re dog will be enchanted, and your couch cushions will be saved!

Go ahead and buy a spray bottle and fill it with water, baking soda, and vinegar. This little solution will scrub away any dirt your baby accidentally brings in, while staying under budget. This will really help.

Cozzzy Homemade Pet Beds

Believe it or not, dog beds can range from five bucks to seven hundred dollars. Why, you ask? We have no idea, but we do know one thing: Don’t buy it. Make your pup a dog bed instead!

Click here to be directed to the link.

P.S., it also smells like you when they get it, which increases the chance that they will actually sleep in it.

Treats without an Expensive Trick

In a small bowl, crush a banana. Add a small amount non-fat yogurt (Dogs should not ever have too many dairy products) and one-third cup of water. Next mash up 2 or 3 old dog biscuits. Mix all of this really well, a spoon into your ice cube tray. Freeze for three to six hours. Serve while frozen. Your dog will think you’re amazing for making three treats into seven! You will too!

You can also make your own jerky. Preheat the oven to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly spray a baking sheet with non-stick spray. Rinse off a chicken breast fillet and remove any fat you may see. Slice the chicken with the grain. Slices should be pretty thin, like one-eighth or one-forth of an inch. Place strips on the baking sheet and bake for approximately two hours. Remove from the oven let cool. Now just cut the strips into bite size pieces. Add some parsley for better doggy breath!

Is it about time for a new toy? Put a sock on a plastic water bottle and tie the end. It’s an instant dog crinkle toy. They’ll love it, and you’ll love that saved trip to the store.

Walking Made Easy

So you’ve got more than one dog? Walking a neighbors? Doing it for money? What do you do with that many leashes? Dog walking can be super fun and easy with a giant carabiner that’s big enough for your hand. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Find it here.

In addition, skip the doggy bags. Opt for diaper bags. Why? Because they’re more bang for less buck. You won’t be sorry.

Puppy Pedigree in Sensible Smocks

Small dogs are fun to dress up, but prices can be daunting. Have you ever thought about those dolls your kids have outgrown, or the ones at that garage sale? Say no more. Those clothes make a great, cheap way of getting a posh outfit for Fifi. Try it, you may be surprised!

Doggy Grooming

Some breeds have more trouble than others when it comes to this department. If your dog’s hair has trouble with matting, simply get a little baby powder. Believe it or not, it also works on human tangles. Sprinkle a little in, and work from the bottom to the top. As a little bonus, it keeps your pup smelling fresh!

If your little one comes down with fleas (God forbid), go ahead and wash with Dawn Soap to kill all of the adult fleas before proceeding to the flea treatment. This will save you a few more boxes of what you’ve got, and keep them from multiplying later.

We hope this helps! Give your dog some loving for us!



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