Don’t Go Breaking My Bank: 8 Valentine Dates for College Kids

Everyone wants to make this time of year special, but on a budget it’s difficult to do something more romantic than dinner and a movie. If only you knew someone that could come up with some good ideas for you…

Oh, wait! You do!

Here are some things to consider before compromising your budget, even if they may be worth it.

These are red hot classics.

Get your strike on at the bowling alley. Nothing’s better than ugly bowling shoes and those old tunes playing. Get a pint of beer and trash talk another couple all night.

Take the bikes out of the garage. Perhaps bike around campus, or find a neighborhood to explore. It’s a nice way to get exercise, and to enjoy a beautiful day. Y’all could go to a destination and enjoy that time together.

Cook together. Let’s be real. When you’ve had a bad day, very few things are as great as seeing the person you love, and one of those things is seeing the one you love AND your favorite food on the table. Share comfort food recipes with each other, and perfect the recipe. It’s a great date, and it’s a thoughtful way to make someone know they’re special to you.

Put on your thinking hats and go to trivia night. Whether you’re on the same team or not, trivia night is full of laughs and facts you may never even have to use again. It’s a great way to get to learn something you didn’t know before, and to surprise each other with uncharted knowledge that leads to new conversation.

Release your inner child.

Bonfire, anyone? Okay, maybe, maybe not. But, some apartments have outdoor fireplaces, or fire pits. Get a few blankets, some hot chocolate, and s’more essentials. Who can resist that? Make up crazy campfire songs while you’re at it.

Put-put a little love in your heart. Head out to a mini golf course and try it out. It’s absolutely okay if you’ve never done it before. No matter what, it’s a good, creative way to hang out with your favorite person!

Did someone say… I mean, sing… Karaoke? Let out a few tunes with that gorgeous voice of yours! Part of this is that you can’t take yourself too seriously. There’s some bond that’s made when you’re being silly in public together. Don’t leave ’em hanging, and don’t let them stay quiet.

Dance the night away. Pull up a few ballroom dance instructions and teach each other how to dance. OR. Or, you can make up your own dance moves to your favorite songs. Get creative!

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