Why You Should Deal With Your Financial Stress Now

We will be starting a series on financial stress and the health issues associated. It’s important to be informed about the effects of stress and how to get your financial woes in check.

Stressing about your financial situation. It’s something we all experience at some point in our lives, but could this stress be affecting our health?

It’s normal to stress over things from time to time-it’s in our nature, but dealing with chronic stress hurts us  in the long run.

The longer you’re stressed, the worse it is for your physical and mental health. Chronic stress can cause headaches, depression, increased risk for diseases, fatigue, and an inability to concentrate or make good decisions. Chronic stress may also cause disease, because the changes your body endures can weaken your immune system. Chronic stress can also make it harder to recover once you’re sick.

Because of these effects, it is imperative that we find ways to deal with the stress before it can really harm our health.

Ways to Combat Financial Stress:

  • Emotional Support -Whether it be through friends, family, or even a pet, it has been proven that having support and people to confide in can improve how you deal with your stress

Stress Infographic

  • Count to three..or twenty..or fifty -Take a deep breath and count until you relax
  • Get some sleep!-put the Starbucks down, not only are you wasting money but the caffeine will keep you alert. Getting enough rest can reduce stress and give your immune system a much needed boost
  • Evaluate your spending habits – Maybe the reason you’re dealing with stress is because you are overspending? Get a journal and write down everything you purchase that is not a necessity within a week and tally it up, you’d be amazed at how much you spend in a week on frivolous items!
  • Create a budget & stick to it! –Evaluate your needs vs. wants. Dedicate a percentage of your paycheck to fund your necessities (rent, utilities, paying off debt), then also dedicate a percentage for savings. If you easily break new habits then have a family member or friend hold you accountable to make it easier to stick to your budget


We hope these few simple tips will help you gain control of your financial stress before it’s too late.


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