Blast From the Past: Quick Tips Before Purchasing Your College Textbooks

Summer’s almost over and school’s about to start. Before you head to the bookstore, we wanted to to pull from one of our favorite posts in the past about saving money on textbooks. We all know that going to college can put a major strain on your finances. On top of tuition, housing, and meal plans, the cost for textbooks can be high. A new trend for students with textbooks is to rent instead of buy. Most likely you will not use your textbooks after the course is over, so there is no need to buy the textbook, at least not at its original price.

Websites like offer textbooks to rent for up to 75% off the original price. The only condition is that you return the textbook once the class is over. Overall, it is a very simple process. You log onto the website then search for the textbook you need via ISBN number or title and author. Upon checkout, you chose to rent for the semester or a year. When your renting period ends, Chegg will send you boxes and labels to print to mail it back for free via UPS.

Amazon is another awesome source to look for textbooks. Like Chegg, they provide labels to send your rentals for free via UPS. They also offer a rental feature through their Kindle online store which is an even cheaper way of renting textbooks because they aren’t in print! Don’t have a kindle? No worries, you can easily sign up for a Kindle account and read your textbooks online through the Kindle Cloud Reader. Another added bonus is that you can customize your rental time in case you won’t need your textbook after midterms which will decrease fees even more.

Another quick tip for saving money through renting is to search for a promo code before checking out. They will always ask for one, and you can usually find one through sites like These little promo codes could offer you 5% off your rental or shipping fees.

Some other sites that offer textbooks for rent include,, and

So with fall semester just around the corner, visit these sites before purchasing textbooks at full price. This is an easy and simple way to help you save some college money!

Do you have any experience with renting textbooks? Please comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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