Not all Sales are Created Equally

Although sales for the consumer usually mean savings, for retail shops and businesses they are simply tactics to boost purchases. For this reason, not all sales are created equal – for some you might not get an actual bargain or worse, end up paying more. To avoid this, here are some signs to look twice at a “sale”: BIG, BOLD, “Sale” Sign– This is pure … Continue reading Not all Sales are Created Equally

Why You Should be Flashing Your Student I.D.

Your college ID should be one of your most valued object while you go through college. It’s not only an emblem and access pass for while you’re on campus, but it’s also a way to get discounts and free admission into events. While it may be true that college students don’t make  much money, retailers still view you as one of the most coveted demographics. To get … Continue reading Why You Should be Flashing Your Student I.D.

Raising Financially Aware Kids

It’s  important to help your children establish good money habits at an early age; and who better to teach your children about good money habits than you? As their parent you can start by teaching them what money is and the financial values YOU uphold. Talk to them about money as casually as you would about brushing teeth or washing hands. The goal for now is … Continue reading Raising Financially Aware Kids