Why You Should be Flashing Your Student I.D.

Your college ID should be one of your most valued object while you go through college. It’s not only an emblem and access pass for while you’re on campus, but it’s also a way to get discounts and free admission into events.

While it may be true that college students don’t make  much money, retailers still view you as one of the most coveted demographics. To get there brands more popular many of them offer discounts to college students if they show their ID or provide their student email address. A lot of companies on or near college campuses, like local or chain restaurants, also offer discounts that vary by location.

We’ve found just a few of these great discounts for you to use and share with your friends!

  • Chipotle- Score a free soft drink
  • Amazon- 6th month Amazon prime Trial and a 50% discount after that
  • Spotify- 50% of premium account- that only $4.99!
  • Cinemark Theaters- Weekly student discount nights – Check a Theater near you!
  • AMC Theaters- Every Thursday night is half price tickets
  • J. Crew- 15% off
  • SAM’s Club- Membership Discount AND a $15 gift card
  • Kate Spade- 15% off full-priced items
  • The Wall Street Journal- Only a $1 a week for a 15-week subscription
  • Adobe- Students get a whopping 60% off Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Remember these are just a few of the many discounts your student status gives you. Check out these link for more discounts and be sure to look into the local discounts offered around your school!

Business Insiders List

Money Saving Pro List

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