Readying Yourself for College

What’s more exciting, or scary, than going off to college! Your applications are over and your decision has been made. The next chapter of your life is about to begin but, we know that there are still a few you things you need to do before your off. We’ve put together a list of must do’s before you’re on your way this Fall. Check it out and check them off this summer.

Get organized

  • You’re steping into a role of more responsibility when you head off to college and while that’s scary it’s also exhilarating. It’s time you start to take control and what better way than to get organized! Start by organizing your calendar—electronic or print—and mark down key dates: the start and end of classes, dates for finals, and vacation times. (This information will be online at your school’s website). This is going to make juggling it all a bit easier and manageable.
  • Next you should look at getting your finances organized. Make sure your bank accounts and credit card accounts are set up. And do any necessary paperwork on loans, scholarships, and financial aid. This is also a great time to sit down with your parents to discuss who is going to pay for what while you’re in college: from tuition to textbooks, gas and groceries.

Manage Your Image

  • Let’s be honest, everyone Facebook stalks his or her newest friend or in this case roommate. Make sure your page reflects you. As you’re entering college you are entering the professional world and you need to make sure your social media isn’t harming you. Create a LinkedIn page. For those of you who don’t know what LinkedIn is, it’s like a professional Facebook. You can connect with old classmates, former teachers, and even your parents’ friends. This is perfect for when you’re looking for internships and jobs at school.

Connect with your roomie

  • Not knowing who you’ll be living with for the next year can be a scary thought so try and reach out to your roommate so that initial meeting isn’t so awkward. Initiate contact by E-mail, Facebook, texting, etc. You might find that your roommate and you share lots of interests.

Get to know your college and its town

  • Although you have four glorious years to know the ins and outs of your college, do some research now. Surf the school’s website. You can find out a tremendous amount about the school. Brush up on the college requirements and available majors and who you can contact for any questions. You should also look around for what discounts you get with your college I.D  and where the best places to eat or hang out are in your new town.

Spend time with your parents

  • This just in: hanging out with your parents is cool again. Believe us, you’re going to miss your parents when you don’t see them every day. Spend your last few months with them by just hanging out around the house, going to the movies, or a nice family dinner. This is also the perfect time to make a deal with your parents on how often you’ll be coming home, and how often you want to hear from your folks while you’re at school. Make sure you’re on the same page on these issues; it will save a lot of grief later and they’ll appreciate it tremendously.

Get inspired

  • It may sound cliché, but college is definitely the best time to find out what you want to do. It’s the best time to try new things and set goals for your future. Though you can’t reinvent yourself overnight, make a goal for the person you want to be at the end of your first year and every year after that. Once you have an idea of what kind of person you want to be, making that transition in college will be a little bit easier.



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