DIY – Dorm-It-Yourself

Going off to college is expensive and many don’t have a huge budget for those dorm room decorations but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best…and cheapest…DIY projects to make your dorm room feel like home this year!

TIP #1:

Before you even consider going out to buy items, take a look around your home for items that you can reuse or re-purpose. Items like vases, mirrors, candles, newspapers, and books are perfect pieces that work for any season or can be used for new crafts.

More tips can be found at DIY Projects for Teens and Her Campus

TIP #2

If those aren’t quite enough to fill your dorm, then try shopping at thrift shops or dollar stores. These stores are excellent for getting picture frames, vases, fake flowers candles, mason jars, storage bins and more!

Find more Dollar Store DIY project here !

TIP #3:

Remember that you have a roommate who can split the cost of all the decorating. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know one other better and can be a great way to ease the awkwardness of moving in with someone you don’t know!

Other helpful websites like Pinterest , Seventeen and HGTV  offer many more great, easy, wallet friendly ways to create the perfect space for the start of this new chapter for less this year!

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