Becoming Part-Time in No Time!

School has started and so have the new freedoms and responsibilities that come with it. Having a part-time job while in college is a great way to save up and build your resume, while gaining experience and creating connections. There is no magic formula for finding a job, but we do have some helpful tips to help you take control of the process and increase your odds of becoming part-time in no time!

  1. Know what you need. Check what the job application requirements are. Should you have a resume, cover letter, a portfolio, etc.? You should also know the skills you need for the job.
  2. Keep your application accurate and up-to-date. Get someone to review/edit your application material. Be sure to have your application reviewed after every edit. If you’re in school, try your career services center for a great, free, editor.
  3. Activate your network. Tell everyone you know what type of job you are looking for. Even if who you know is not in your field they may have a connection to someone who is. Follow up every lead you are given.
  4. Join a professional organization. Most occupations have professional associations. Join one. Many of these organizations have student divisions offered through your school. Check it out and be sure to attend meeting and stay updated.
  5. Be patient but persistent. You should set some time aside each week to check for job postings. Set a manageable number of applications you’d like to send out each week.
  6. Don’t treat an interview as an interrogation. If you land an interview be sure to research the business you are going to and the interviewer. Be prepared with some questions and try to anticipate the types of questions you will be asked. It always helps to practice your interview with someone beforehand.
  7. Be positive.  Do not let the interviewer’s facial expressions or tone of voice throw you off your game. Do not assume that a particular answer is “wrong” or that you have “blown it.” Stay confident. Remember that there is no “perfect” candidate.

Some final tips when looking for a job while in school are:

  • Location
  • School Schedule
  • Pay
  • Career-relevance
  • Related experience



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