Hello from The EDSA Group! We have crafted Money Tools For Life to provide you with actionable money tips, useful information and interesting ideas to help you take control of your money and reach your goals!

Why do we know what we are talking about?  It’s a long story – but in a nutshell, we’ve been educating people about money topics forever (started in the mid 1980s – formally launched in 1993). Our founders were three Certified Financial Planner® Professionals from two different financial planning firms. They saw that those who were not ranked among the financially elite still needed financial direction.

They felt that the basic money principals could be taught if the teaching was done well. They surely did it well, because hey, we’re still around! So I guess you could say we are financial experts – but also education experts.  We’ve been helping people for a lot of years – and want to continue. The EDSA Group is an independent financial education company. Our goal is to empower people by teaching them to manage their money, take control of spending and debt, and pursue personal financial goals – including financial independence (aka retirement).

We provide financial education solutions and awareness to businesses, higher education institutions, and financial professionals.  We offer online programs like Good Money Habits™ and Good Money Habits for Students™, Live Workshops and even Custom Solutions to meet any needs.

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