Student Loans- Paying as go, paying off, how to handle

*sigh* Student loans. Nobody wants to deal with them, but without them, some would not be able to further their education. We have all heard at least one story that involved a ridiculous amount of student loan debt that would be enough to scare some away from getting a student loan in the first place. It is not at all bad to fear student loan … Continue reading Student Loans- Paying as go, paying off, how to handle

Raising Financially Aware Kids

It’s  important to help your children establish good money habits at an early age; and who better to teach your children about good money habits than you? As their parent you can start by teaching them what money is and the financial values YOU uphold. Talk to them about money as casually as you would about brushing teeth or washing hands. The goal for now is … Continue reading Raising Financially Aware Kids

What to Do This Mardi Gras

King cakes, parades, and beads. Oh my! Carnival season is coming to a close, but the real fun is just about to begin! With many schools and businesses closing their doors for Fat Tuesday, February 28, go out and celebrate Mardi Gras Louisiana Style! Regardless of if you’ll be here in Baton Rouge, traveling to the soon to be packed city of New Orleans, or somewhere far … Continue reading What to Do This Mardi Gras