Millennials Part 2:Tips and Tools for a Better Financial Future

It may seem like a challenge to improve the financial literacy levels among millennials, but we have the perfect tips to get you started. Everything we discussed in part one can easily be taken care of with a little follow up. Economize Once you get your first real job and go out on your own, it is tempting to feel the excitement of spending all … Continue reading Millennials Part 2:Tips and Tools for a Better Financial Future

Millennials Part 1: Their Financial Difference

Millennials comprise the generation of individuals born between the early ’80s and early 2000s. This group of individuals grew up with the internet and is comfortable with technology. Millennials are considered to be more/better educated than their predecessors, more ethnically diverse, and more economically active. Yet they are faced with great roadblocks like student debt and the economic uncertainty. As a generation carrying new personal … Continue reading Millennials Part 1: Their Financial Difference

Raising Financially Aware Kids

It’s  important to help your children establish good money habits at an early age; and who better to teach your children about good money habits than you? As their parent you can start by teaching them what money is and the financial values YOU uphold. Talk to them about money as casually as you would about brushing teeth or washing hands. The goal for now is … Continue reading Raising Financially Aware Kids

Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Ted Talks are videos posted every week from people who want to share their passion. This video is from Shlomo Benartzi who uses behavioral economics to study how and why we plan well for the future (or fail to), and uses that to develop new programs to encourage saving for retirement. Here are his thoughts about retirement and how we can all plan for our … Continue reading Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Getting The Most From Your 401(k)

The 401(k) may well be the best investment tool ever for building long-term wealth, and many people don’t take advantage of it. Is it time to take a second look at your 401(k)? Here are six ways you can maximize your retirement savings starting right now — even if your plan only offers a few investment options. You’ll be amazed by the difference it can … Continue reading Getting The Most From Your 401(k)