Good Money Habits™ 

Is designed to address money management topics that can prevent a person from financial success – including common barriers that keep employees from participating in the company’s retirement plan. The program includes basic money management lessons to address budget topics and to help users find money in their budget so they can participate (or increase participation) in the plan, as well as information to help users maximize the benefit of the retirement plan.

Good Money Habits for Students™ 

Can be used as a stand-alone or self-study program, as well as incorporated into an existing curricula or student retention program. This e-tool contains interactive lessons with test modules and is an excellent supplement to an academic institution’s core curriculum. Users are able to tailor their experience through selection of topics, definitions, and points of interest.

EDSA Academic Resource

Financial trouble is a leading cause for dropouts among students, trumping academic struggles. By providing EDSA’s financial education, students can develop the skills to become financially fit for life as well as remain in school.

EDSA Business Resources

Employees dealing with financial stress can often cost businesses with higher turnover rates, healthcare costs, and increased exposure to liability. By employing EDSA’s educational programs, you can help your employees and your business thrive.

EDSA Financial Professional Resources

Through EDSA, financial professionals are provided with an array of effective tools and solutions that can help them provide expanded services to their clients.