What Can Help You Be More Successful?

Have you ever wondered what makes some people more desirable in a workplace? Education and skill aside, there are a few things that many employers look for. Not only do these traits make you more desirable to employers, but they have a way of commanding respect which often lends a hand on the path to success, which leads to not only financial gain but personal … Continue reading What Can Help You Be More Successful?

Investing on a Budget

There is a common misconception that investing is only for people who have plenty of extra money lying around.  But unlike many large purchases, investing requires no hefty down payment and it will have huge benefits for you in the future. Pay yourself first.  We have all heard it but how often do you actually live by this rule?  It doesn’t have to be painful … Continue reading Investing on a Budget

Safety Tips for this Holiday Season

The holiday season is something we all look forward to. But did you even realize that maybe it’s the most anticipated time of the year for thieves? As more and more people get ready for the holidays and vacations, they forget that maybe their homes could fall victim to burglaries.  Here are some safety tips to protect you and your home this holiday season!   Place … Continue reading Safety Tips for this Holiday Season

Getting The Most From Your 401(k)

The 401(k) may well be the best investment tool ever for building long-term wealth, and many people don’t take advantage of it. Is it time to take a second look at your 401(k)? Here are six ways you can maximize your retirement savings starting right now — even if your plan only offers a few investment options. You’ll be amazed by the difference it can … Continue reading Getting The Most From Your 401(k)

The Best Credit Card for YOU: Part 1

There are many types of credit cards, and finding the best one for you depends completely on your lifestyle. So to give the best options for everyone’s lifestyle, we’re starting a series of posts to give advice on choosing the best credit card that fits you. Now credit cards can certainly be ranked by a vague list of all the offers presented, but the relative … Continue reading The Best Credit Card for YOU: Part 1

The Job Searching (from an employer’s perspective)

Summer is around the corner. What are your plans? If you are still in school, you are likely interested in getting a job to get some resume-building experience while also stashing some cash for next year. If you are graduating or already in the job market, you may be seeking a great career opportunity. While resume building is not an “obvious” topic for a blog … Continue reading The Job Searching (from an employer’s perspective)

Rising Gas Prices…the Saga Continues!

Here’s a topic we’ve discussed a few times…rising gas prices. UGH! The news anchors continues to tell us how “bad” gas prices are – and how much worse they may get.  We’ve found a couple of helpful tools and tips that can help. First, Gasbuddy is an app that helps you identify the best gas prices – even when you are traveling (link to app?) Next, … Continue reading Rising Gas Prices…the Saga Continues!