Fun Fall Family Activities (that won’t break the bank!)

Fall is a wonderful time of year to spend some time with your family.  There are many activities available in the fall because the weather is so beautiful and the holiday season is in full swing.  Below are some ideas for having a great time with your family without busting your budget. Go to a Pick-Your-Own farm with your family.  Picking your own fruits and … Continue reading Fun Fall Family Activities (that won’t break the bank!)

Painless Ways to Boost Your Savings

Fall is on its way and for many this could mean paying tuition, gearing up for holiday shopping, or just taking on new expenses such as a car note or mortgage.  It can be hard to even think about saving when all you can see are piling expenses.  Saving is vital to your financial future and no matter what the situation; you should always find … Continue reading Painless Ways to Boost Your Savings

Investing on a Budget

There is a common misconception that investing is only for people who have plenty of extra money lying around.  But unlike many large purchases, investing requires no hefty down payment and it will have huge benefits for you in the future. Pay yourself first.  We have all heard it but how often do you actually live by this rule?  It doesn’t have to be painful … Continue reading Investing on a Budget

A+ Back-to-School Shopping Tips

August is the unofficial start of the back-to-school shopping frenzy. To your kids, shopping for new clothes, gear, and school supplies may be the only good thing about going back to school, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune every year. Hold off buying trendier gear. Items like lunch boxes and pencil holders follow different trends every season. Kids may love a … Continue reading A+ Back-to-School Shopping Tips

How to Eat Healthy on a Skinny Budget

One of the many excuses people use as the reason why they don’t eat a healthy diet is that it costs more. But with careful planning and knowledge, you can spend the same amount on nutritious foods in the grocery store and get a lot more for your money. Plan meals ahead of time – Planning ahead prevents scrambling around for whatever morsel you can … Continue reading How to Eat Healthy on a Skinny Budget

High Temperatures, Low Prices

It’s July and the highlight of your week is going to the movies? Well here are some fun summer ideas that you may have forgotten about, and are probably cheaper than your average movie outing! Go say “Hello” to the animals – Local Zoos often have free days once a week during the summer. Grab your kids and have a great day talking to the … Continue reading High Temperatures, Low Prices

How to Travel on a Budget Part III: Cruising to Affordable Paradise

It’s that time of year! A $399 seven-day Caribbean cruise may sound like a bargain, but know this: the price is really only the point of entry. As ships have become fancier and offer more amenities than ever before, trying to figure out how much your trip will cost is a little bit like peering into Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole: There’s no one answer. … Continue reading How to Travel on a Budget Part III: Cruising to Affordable Paradise