Dressing to Impress on a Budget

We’ve all been told to dress to impress. The only problem is affording such a wardrobe on a tight budget can be hard. A professional wardrobe can be extremely costly and many people lack the funds to line their closets with new trending fashions. We’re here to help though because every college student needs to have at least one professional outfit for that important interview, … Continue reading Dressing to Impress on a Budget

The Best Credit Card for YOU: Part 1

There are many types of credit cards, and finding the best one for you depends completely on your lifestyle. So to give the best options for everyone’s lifestyle, we’re starting a series of posts to give advice on choosing the best credit card that fits you. Now credit cards can certainly be ranked by a vague list of all the offers presented, but the relative … Continue reading The Best Credit Card for YOU: Part 1

Week 1 of 2: Back to School Savings

Most of the excitement that comes with a new school year is the new school supplies and clothing. Over the next two weeks we will discuss savings on clothing and supplies for the upcoming school year. Whether you are shopping for your kids or a college student paying for yourself, it is not necessary to break the bank! Consider these tips when shopping for back to school supplies:

  • Shop year round! Always be on the lookout for notebooks, pens, pencils, or calculators on sale. When you find something, go ahead and buy it and pack it away until you need. You never know when something may come up and it may not be the best month to spend the extra money. Shop smart and buy when you can.
  • Rent textbooks. If you are a college student looking to save some money on textbooks, consider renting instead of buying. You will spend a lot less and avoid being told that the bookstore is no longer using your book anymore when trying to sell it back! Continue reading “Week 1 of 2: Back to School Savings”

Take Advantage of the Summertime to Save on Education

Are you, or do you have, a college student that is trying to receive a degree but running out of funds to pay for education? Well, the summer is an optimal time to save money on an education. Summer classes are less than half the cost of fall or spring semester classes. Also, taking summer classes will put you ahead on class hours and closer to graduation. The earlier you graduate the less money you are dishing out on tuition.

Summer classes are usually offered in two sessions, the beginning of summer or towards the end of summer, and last about six weeks. So don’t think that you won’t have any breaks whatsoever! Continue reading “Take Advantage of the Summertime to Save on Education”

Don’t Buy Textbooks, Rent!

Now that we are beginning to settle in to the new semester, you are probably sure which books you do need and do not need to buy. Well, in fact, you don’t need to buy any books at all!

Chegg.com is a great resource for renting books for classes. They even allow you to rent for a quarter of a semester, a whole semester or 60-days. The fewer amount of days you will need to have the book rented, the cheaper the rental price is! This site also allows a 30-day “any reason” guarantee. If for any reason you drop a course or do not need the book anymore, you can return it for your full money back! Continue reading “Don’t Buy Textbooks, Rent!”

Buying Used is Just as Good as New!

You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice quality to save money. An easy way to save some money is to buy used. For some reasons, there may be things you would want to buy new, like a computer for instance, but there are also many things that you can buy used and still get great quality!

•Phones. Want an iPhone or new blackberry but don’t feel like spending all the money? Get a refurbished one! They are just as good as new and can save you a lot of easy money. I know someone who bought a refurbished iPhone and it lasted longer than my brand new one! Continue reading “Buying Used is Just as Good as New!”