Consider the Cost of Living Before Your Big Move

Are you considering moving to another city? Well before jumping up and calling a moving truck, make sure you consider the cost of living in that area.

Items like the cost of food, gas, home, doctors etc. are important to consider when looking into a new city. Use this cost of living comparison calculator to compare a wide list of items in your current city to that of a new location. As you will see, different cities have different prices on certain goods and services.

Also when looking at the cost comparison of different items, be sure to consider things that pertain to you. For instance, if you are not one to go to the salon very often, then that should not be an item on the list that should weigh too heavily on your decision. If you go to the movie theatre often and always pick up a newspaper, then maybe the cost of movie tickets and the price of the paper in that area should be something you compare.

As you will see, the cost of living is something you should definitely consider! For instance, if you are a recent college graduate looking to move to a new location, remember that prices of items in the college area may be a lot cheaper than in a big city! These changes in price must be planned for in your budget. Continue reading “Consider the Cost of Living Before Your Big Move”

New Resource to Compare Prices While Shopping

Check out this new resource while trying to save during your holiday shopping. Twenga is the newest way to compare prices in store; see an item you want to buy and compare its prices at other stores without having to leave and run all over town! Twenga is an application available to iPhone users, but if you do not have an iPhone, don’t fret! Any … Continue reading New Resource to Compare Prices While Shopping

How to Keep Illness and Prescriptions From Plaguing Your Pocketbook

You can never anticipate an illness approaching, and with prescriptions and doctor visits, the price adds up! I know there have been many times that I have gotten up to three prescriptions filled over just one sinus infection. With no time to plan ahead and prepare, you may find yourself spending more money than you had hoped! Here are some tips to help you save money even if you are feeling under the weather:

•Buy Generic. Brand-name drugs are much more pricey than generic. And studies by the FDA show that the average amount you would save by choosing generic over brand-name drugs is about $67! Also, all generic drugs have met the same requirements that their equivalent brand-name drug is required to meet. So basically, for the same drug you can save a lot more money! Continue reading “How to Keep Illness and Prescriptions From Plaguing Your Pocketbook”

Don’t Let Rising Gas Prices Get You Down

Everyone seems to be affected by the continuously rising price of gas. If you’re like me, you pull into the first gas station you pass after your gas light comes on without regard to the cost. You may not realize it, but you could save a lot of money on gas if you put in the research before you pump.

Visit to get the lowest reported gas prices in your area before just driving up to any pump. This Web site allows you to type in your city or zip code, and it instantly summons a list of gas stations around your area with recent price reports. It’s that simple! Continue reading “Don’t Let Rising Gas Prices Get You Down”