These Apps a Day Keep That Debt Away

Budgeting Moneyhub– Bring your money to life with the ultimate money management app Money Dashboard–Money Dashboard helps you save money, budget more effectively, and make better financial decisions. Use it to keep track of your spending across your current, credit card and savings accounts, no matter who you bank with, and start making daily savings by understanding where all your money goes each month BillTracker–From the … Continue reading These Apps a Day Keep That Debt Away

Keeping Your Information Safe on Black Friday

Remember last year when a Target employee hacked all of those credit cards? Well with Black Friday coming up in just days, it’s a good time to take some steps to protect your information. Shopping online is a great way to get the deals while avoiding the crowds. But make sure that when you’re shopping online you’re careful about which sites you use. Online shopping … Continue reading Keeping Your Information Safe on Black Friday

Saving on Summer Fitness Trends

The summer fitness craze is in full swing.  Whether you’re trying to keep up your beach body, or maybe just wanting to wow classmates in the fall, classes, active wear, and equipment can get very pricey very quickly.  Follow these simple tips to keep your wallet as healthy as you are. Look out for free classes offered by sporting goods and athletic clothing stores.  Many … Continue reading Saving on Summer Fitness Trends

6 Tips to Conquering Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving dinner is a distant memory and the smoke has cleared from the chaos of Black Friday. But today the shopping continues, with “Cyber Monday” in full swing. In 2005, the term “Cyber Monday” began and has grown to become a global phenomenon, with retailers in multiple countries using the phrase to drive sales. Research from comScore puts Cyber Monday sales at $610 million in … Continue reading 6 Tips to Conquering Cyber Monday

How to Travel on a Budget Part II: Hotels and Accommodations

Looking for a hotel can be stressful. But with these tips and tools it can be as relaxed as the Hawaiian shirt in your closet waiting to be worn. Staying in a Town Next Door – Sometimes the smaller towns close to where you are going have hotels that are much less expensive. If you don’t mind the 15 minute ride, you might just save … Continue reading How to Travel on a Budget Part II: Hotels and Accommodations

Unique Tips to Help You Save!

From our previous blog post titled “Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck? You’re Not Alone,” we asked our readers for suggestions on ways to save. Here are our favorite ideas that can help you get the ball moving with your savings plan! Every time you break a dollar, put the change towards savings. For example, if you spend $1.50 on a package of gum, place … Continue reading Unique Tips to Help You Save!

Week 2 of 2: Back to School Savings

Last week we discussed how to save on school supplies for the upcoming school year. This week we will discuss ways to save on clothing. Try these money-savings strategies when shopping for uniforms or clothing for back to school:

  • Don’t opt out hand-me-downs. If uniforms are required, try to find an older sibling, friend or neighbor who you can borrow or purchase their used uniforms.
  • Sell your gently-used uniforms for cash. There are some consignment stores specifically for school uniforms. If there is not one in your area, you can always put the word out that you are selling your child’s used uniforms – if they are still in good condition!
  • Buy used uniforms. Try visiting a local consignment store. You may also get lucky and find backpacks and other items for less! Continue reading “Week 2 of 2: Back to School Savings”

Savings in the Month of June

June is National Dairy Month! National Dairy Month was created to remind people how important milk and other dairy products are for our health. Be on the lookout for sales and specials on dairy products – check out your local grocery stores to see which are participating! And don’t forget that you can take advantage of these savings even more by buying in bulk and … Continue reading Savings in the Month of June

Savings in the Month of March

As spring approaches us, there are many smart buys ahead. For example, the Month of March is National Frozen Food Month. Look for discounts and coupons offered on many frozen food items. Visit for more information on National Frozen Food Month. There are many links posted such as easy home meals and even a sweepstakes. Also, remember to take advantage of coupons on all … Continue reading Savings in the Month of March